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Mini-Metals (042)
This list was last updated on: 1:31 PM January 20, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A042-20212 Stacked Shipping Carton load /2 - Pic1 CDN$13.45 Low Stock
A042-20219 Loads - Shipping cartons GE Bulbs CDN$13.45 B/O
A042-20220 Loads - Wood crates Maytag Washers CDN$13.45 B/O
A042-20221 Loads - 55 Gal drums Mobil Oil CDN$13.45 Low Stock
A042-20223 Stacked Cases Coca Cola CDN$13.55 B/O
A042-20224 Stacked Crates Ford Motor Parts USD$9.95 PRE
A042-20225 55 Gallon drums Sunoco USD$9.95 PRE
A042-20226 Lumber Loads CDN$13.55 In Stock
A042-20227 Dirt & Gravel Piles CDN$13.55 In Stock
A042-30369 IH Metro Delivery - Charles Chips*d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $21.99 Low Stock
A042-30370 IH Metro Delivery - Jewel Tea Co *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $21.99 Low Stock
A042-30371 IH Metro Delivery - Taystee Bread*d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $21.99 Low Stock
A042-30386 IH Metro Delivery - Swift Meats *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $25.95 In Stock
A042-30389 IH Metro Delivery - Nat Biscuit *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $25.95 In Stock
A042-30420 1960 Ford tank Chevron Gas *d - Pic1 CDN$14.99 $28.55 Low Stock
A042-30421 1960 Ford PU PRR/Excelsior w/HiR *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $22.95 Low Stock
A042-30422 1960 Ford PU NYC w/HiRail *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $22.95 Low Stock
A042-30423 1960 Ford PU UP w/HiRail *d - Pic1 CDN$12.99 $22.95 Low Stock
A042-30437 1960 Ford PU Erie w/HiRail *d CDN$14.99 $25.45 In Stock
A042-30440 1960 F500 Box truck Montgom Wrd *d CDN$14.99 $28.55 In Stock
A042-30441 1960 F500 Box truck Lone Star Br *d CDN$14.99 $28.55 In Stock
A042-30445 1960 Ford Dump County Road Dept *d CDN$14.99 $28.55 In Stock
A042-30447 1955 Ford Fairlane Torch Red/Blk*d CDN$14.99 $24.55 In Stock
A042-30448 '60 Ford 4x4 PU Monte Carlo Red *d CDN$14.99 $22.95 Low Stock
A042-30449 '60 Ford 4x4 PU White *d CDN$14.99 $22.95 In Stock
A042-30451 '60 Ford 4x4 PU Caribbean Turq *d CDN$14.99 $22.95 Low Stock
A042-30454 '60 Ford box truck Firestone Tire*d CDN$14.95 $25.95 In Stock
A042-30456 '60 Ford tank Valvoline Oil *d CDN$14.99 $25.95 In Stock
A042-30457 '60 Ford tank Kendall Oil *d CDN$14.99 $25.95 In Stock
A042-30462 1960 Ford Utility White *d CDN$14.99 $23.95 In Stock
A042-30463 1960 Ford Utility Armour Yellow *d CDN$14.99 $23.95 In Stock
A042-30464 1960 Ford Utility Omaha Orange *d CDN$14.99 $23.95 In Stock
A042-30474 '60 Ford 4x4 Goldenrod Yellow *d CDN$14.99 $23.95 In Stock
A042-30476 '60 Ford Box truck Red/Silver CDN$25.95 In Stock
A042-30477 '60 Ford Box truck White/Silver CDN$25.95 In Stock
A042-30478 '60 Ford Box truck Yellow/Silver CDN$25.95 In Stock
A042-30484 '60 Ford Box truck GE Lamps CDN$25.95 In Stock
A042-30491 '59 Ford Fairlane Sagebrush Green*d CDN$14.99 $21.95 Low Stock
A042-30499 '60 Ford F-100 PU Shell Oil *d CDN$14.99 $21.95 Low Stock
A042-30502 53 Ford Sedan Delivery - Coca Cola CDN$22.95 B/O
A042-30503 53 Ford Sedan Delivery - Texaco CDN$22.95 B/O
A042-30504 53 Ford Sedan Delivery - WestUnion CDN$22.95 B/O
A042-30507 60 Ford box Refrig Old Milwaukee CDN$26.95 B/O
A042-30508 60 Ford box Refrig Carling Black Lb CDN$26.95 B/O
A042-30509 41-46 Chevy Box Coca Cola USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30510 41-46 Chevy Stake Bed Coca Cola USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30511 60 Ford box Goodyear Tires USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30512 60 Ford Stake bed Sunoco USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30519 '60 Ford flat Georgia Pacific USD$17.95 PRE
A042-30525 '60 Ford Dump Belvidere Public Work CDN$26.99 In Stock
A042-30526 '60 Ford Dump Medusa Cement CDN$26.99 Low Stock
A042-30527 '60 Ford Dump National Limestone CDN$26.99 In Stock
A042-30528 '60 Ford Dump Blk/Yellow CDN$26.99 In Stock
A042-30529 1950 DeSoto Sedan City Cab CDN$22.99 In Stock
A042-30530 1950 DeSoto Sedan Regal/Pacf Blue CDN$22.99 Low Stock
A042-30531 1950 DeSoto Sedan Yellow/Black CDN$22.99 In Stock
A042-30532 1950 DeSoto Sedan Bronze/Beige CDN$22.99 In Stock
A042-30533 '67 Ford State Police White USD$16.95 PRE
A042-30534 '67 Ford State Highway Patrol USD$16.95 PRE
A042-30538 '54 Ford Box truck Dad's Root Beer USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30542 '90s GMC Step Van Hostess USD$9.95 PRE
A042-30543 '90s GMC Step van AC Delco USD$9.95 PRE
A042-30544 '90s GMC Step van Fire Dept USD$9.95 PRE
A042-30546 41-46 Chevy Tow Sunoco USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30547 41-46 Chevy Tow Standard USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30549 41-46 Chevy tow Phillips66 USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30552 41-46 Chevy Tow Hammond's Garage USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30553 '60 Ford Tanker Dixie Gas Corp USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30554 '60 Ford Tanker Pioneer Heating USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30555 '60 Ford Tanker Ciardelli Heating USD$19.95 PRE
A042-30556 1955 Chevy PU Ocean Green USD$16.95 PRE
A042-30557 1955 Chevy PU Mariner Blue USD$16.95 PRE
A042-30558 1955 Chevy PU Autumn Brown USD$16.95 PRE
A042-30559 1955 Chevy PU Coca Cola USD$16.95 PRE
A042-31174 41-46 Chevy T/Trailer Mason Dixon*d CDN$22.99 $42.95 Low Stock
A042-31176 41-46 Chevy T/Trailer Strickland USD$32.95 PRE
A042-31177 41-46 Chevy T/Trailer Coca Cola CDN$44.55 B/O
A042-31178 41-46 Chevy T/Trailer SoCal USD$32.95 PRE
A042-31180 Aerovan trailer Overland Freight USD$19.95 PRE
A042-31183 IH R190 w/32ft flat Elkins Logging USD$32.95 PRE
A042-31184 IH R190 w/32ft flat B&S Building Ma USD$32.95 PRE
A042-40000 '54 Ford Stakebed Ferguson w/crates USD$22.95 PRE
A042-40001 '54 Ford Stakebed Union 76 w/drums USD$22.95 PRE
A042-40002 '60 Ford Tanker w/sign & pumps TEX USD$25.95 PRE
A042-40003 '60 Ford Tanker w/sign & pumps GULF USD$25.95 PRE