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This list was last updated on: 1:31 PM August 16, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A142-HC-5 BC Rail/CN C-44-9W 2window Cab *s CDN$33.95 Out Of Stock
A142-HC-6 CN/GO Transit Wide Safety Cab *s CDN$33.95 In Stock
A142-HC-7 EMD Dash 2 Std Cab *s CDN$33.95 In Stock
A142-HD-12 CNR SD70I/75I nose door /2 *s CDN$5.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HD-24 Early CPR FP7/9 Winter Hatch *s CDN$8.25 In Stock
A142-HD-25 Early CPR FP7/9 Winter Hatch Ext *s CDN$8.95 In Stock
A142-HD-26 EMD F-Unit Winter Hatch *s CDN$8.25 Low Stock
A142-HD-27 EMD F-unit Winter Hatch Extended *s CDN$8.95 In Stock
A142-HD-28 CNR 36inch Fan GP9RM Winter Hatch*s CDN$8.25 In Stock
A142-HD-3 Locotrol Antennae /4 *s CDN$2.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HD-31 CN GP38-2W/GP40-2W Snowshields *s CDN$7.95 In Stock
A142-HD-32 CPR GP38AC Detail kit *s CDN$18.50 Out Of Stock
A142-HD-36 CN MILW Carbody Filters /6 *s CDN$11.95 In Stock
A142-HD-41 VIA Rail F40PH-2 Detail Kit *s CDN$23.95 In Stock
A142-HD-7 Dash 9-44CW Detail kit *s CDN$7.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HL-1 Loco Shell kit CN/BC8-40CM *s CDN$129.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HL-11 Loco Shell kit CN M420W Reb *s CDN$129.00 Low Stock
A142-HL-13 Loco Shell kit CN HR-412 *s CDN$129.00 In Stock
A142-HL-23 Loco Shell kit CN GP9RM 48i *s CDN$129.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HL-24 Loco Shell kit CPR GP9u *s CDN$129.00 In Stock
A142-HL-27 Loco Shell Kit GO F59PH PhaseI *s CDN$129.00 Low Stock
A142-HL-28 Loco Shell Kit GO F59PH PhaseII *s CDN$129.00 Out Of Stock
A142-HL-33 Loco Shell Kit CNR SWEEP *s USD$110.00 PRE
A142-HL-34 Loco Shell kit CN/GTW GP9R *s USD$110.00 PRE
A142-HL-35 Loco Shell kit CNR SW1200RS GR12d*s USD$95.00 PRE
A142-HL-36 Loco Shell Kit CNR SW1200RS GR12r*s - Pic1 USD$95.00 PRE
A142-HL-37 Loco Shell kit CPR Sw1200RS DRS12*s USD$95.00 PRE
A142-HL-38 Loco Shell kit F40C *s USD$95.00 PRE
A142-HL-6 Loco Shell kit CN SD50F *s CDN$129.00 In Stock
A142-HL-7 Loco Shell kit CN SD60F *s CDN$129.00 Out Of Stock