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Cal Scale (190)
This list was last updated on: 3:31 PM August 15, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A190-276 Air Hose plastic /20 CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-285 Air Ringer Bell & Bracket - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A190-342 1870 steam & sand domes *d CDN$6.99 $12.89 Low Stock
A190-419 Windshield wipers /4 *d CDN$2.99 $5.89 In Stock
A190-439 Spark Arrestor /2 *d CDN$1.99 $4.30 Low Stock
A190-460 FA Turbo exh stack (water cool) *d CDN$.99 $3.39 In Stock
A190-498 Antenna set - FM C-liner *d CDN$7.99 $16.95 In Stock
A190-501 Lift rings .012 wire /20 CDN$6.15 In Stock
A190-502 F&FT side door grabs /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-503 F&FT Cab door grabs /12 CDN$4.75 Low Stock
A190-504 F&FT side grabs /12 CDN$5.75 Low Stock
A190-505 F&FT Window roof grabs /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-506 Grab Irons .012 wire /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-507 Straight Grab Irons /20 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-508 Straight Grab Irons /20 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-509 Drop Grab Irons /20 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-510 Roof Corner Grab Irons /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-511 Ladder Grab Irons /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-512 Small U Bolt /20 CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-513 Large U Bolt /20 CDN$4.75 Low Stock
A190-514 Coupler Lift Bar /4 CDN$4.75 Low Stock
A190-515 Pilot Grab Bar /12 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-516 Century Body Corner Grabs /12 CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-517 Single Windshield Wipers /4 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-518 Double Windshield Wipers /4 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-519 F/FT A unit Grab Iron kit CDN$22.95 B/O
A190-521 Alco 628/630 Grab Iron kit CDN$17.95 B/O
A190-522 Coupler Lift Bars /2 CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-525 Athearn Detail kit for SW CDN$16.95 B/O
A190-528 Atlas detail kit GP38-2 CDN$19.95 B/O
A190-531 RS Side Drop Grabs /8 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-533 End Drop grabs /8 CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-535 Diesel sun shades brass CDN$4.35 Low Stock
A190-539 BAR bell CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-541 F unit lift rings /20 CDN$4.55 Low Stock
A190-542 Leslie A200 F unit horn /2 CDN$5.25 In Stock
A190-544 F unit sunshades brass /6 CDN$5.45 In Stock
A190-547 Sinclair antenna /2 CDN$4.75 Low Stock
A190-549 Diesel Radio Attenna Firecracker /2 CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-553 F unit winterization hatch CDN$5.25 Low Stock
A190-554 F unit double winter hatch CDN$4.75 In Stock
A190-556 Roof cooling coil pipes CDN$4.75 B/O
A190-557 Wind deflector & Mirror /2 CDN$4.55 In Stock
A190-568 Snow plow 2nd Generation CDN$6.75 In Stock
A190-574 Alco sand filler hatch /2 CDN$2.95 B/O
A190-575 3 Hose MU hoses /2pr CDN$6.45 In Stock
A190-577 Leslie Air horn 3chime M3HR CDN$5.15 B/O
A190-578 Hood side mount bell CDN$5.15 In Stock
A190-582 CPR Diesel pilot CDN$3.95 B/O
A190-583 Nathan air horn 3chime M3HR CDN$4.95 B/O
A190-584 Nathan 3chime horn K3L CNR locos CDN$5.15 B/O
A190-585 Nathan air horn K5H 5chime BCRail CDN$5.85 Low Stock
A190-586 CNR snow plow CDN$3.95 In Stock
A190-587 BC Rail snow plow CDN$4.10 In Stock
A190-588 Canadian Cab High mount bell CDN$5.15 In Stock
A190-590 Cab ground lights /4 CDN$5.25 In Stock
A190-612 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K2 CDN$5.75 In Stock
A190-613 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K3HR3 - Pic1 CDN$5.75 Low Stock
A190-614 Air Horn - Brass Nathan P-5 allForw - Pic1 CDN$6.15 B/O
A190-616 MU Hoses set 16 - Pic1 CDN$5.25 B/O
A190-617 Locomotive Brake lever 2pc - Pic1 CDN$2.65 In Stock
A190-618 MU Receptacle Set 6pc - Pic1 CDN$4.10 In Stock
A190-619 Windshield Wipers 6pc CDN$4.45 In Stock
A190-620 Horn Mount Bracket 2pc - Pic1 CDN$2.65 Low Stock
A190-621 Locomotive Air Hose 2pc - Pic1 CDN$2.65 In Stock
A190-622 Locomotive Fuel Fillers 2short/2tal - Pic1 CDN$4.10 In Stock
A190-623 Sinclair Antenna 4pc - Pic1 CDN$3.95 In Stock
A190-624 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K5R25 CDN$6.15 In Stock
A190-625 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K5LA CDN$56.15 In Stock
A190-626 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K5LA Shield CDN$6.15 Low Stock
A190-627 Electric Bell - Brass Graham White CDN$8.75 B/O
A190-628 Air Horn - Brass Leslie RS3L CDN$5.95 Low Stock
A190-629 Air Horn - Brass Leslie RS3R3 CDN$5.95 B/O
A190-630 Air Horn - Brass Leslie S3LR1 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-631 Air Horn - Brass Leslie S3LR3 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-633 U25B Exhaust Stack 1sq/1oval brass CDN$16.20 In Stock
A190-634 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K5 K5LLAR24 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-635 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K3 K3LAR1 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-636 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K2 K14 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-637 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K2 K12 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-638 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K2 K13 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-639 AIr Horn - Brass Nathan K5 K5LLA CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-640 Air Horn - Brass Nathan P3 P3U CDN$5.95 In Stock
A190-641 Air Horn - Brass Nathan P3 P3UR3 CDN$5.95 B/O
A190-642 AIr Horn - Brass Nathan P5 P0345R1 CDN$5.95 Low Stock
A190-643 AIr Horn - Brass Nathan K3 K3LA CDN$5.95 B/O
A190-644 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K3 K3LAR3 CDN$5.95 Low Stock
A190-645 Air Horn - Brass Nathan K2 K24 CDN$5.95 Low Stock
A190-646 Square Diesel Exhaust stack /2 CDN$3.70 Low Stock
A190-647 Oval Diesel Exhaust Stack /2 CDN$3.70 Low Stock