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This list was last updated on: 10:31 AM June 13, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A284-60001 Red 'Super M-TA Tractor w/farmer - Pic1 CDN$17.25 In Stock
A284-60002 50's Manure Spreader - Pic1 CDN$19.95 B/O
A284-60003 Red Little gem 3-Bottom plow - Pic1 CDN$19.95 In Stock
A284-60005 1950's Red Super M-TA Tractor w/ld - Pic1 CDN$26.95 In Stock
A284-60009 Ford 8N Tractor w/plow/figure - Pic1 CDN$26.95 Low Stock
A284-60013 Hay Baler - Pic1 CDN$32.95 Low Stock
A284-60015 '60's Farm Tractor USD$14.95 PRE
A284-60017 Farm Tractor w/corn picker USD$29.95 PRE
A284-60018 5 Row Farm plow USD$19.95 PRE
A284-61001 Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader - Pic1 CDN$17.65 Low Stock
A284-61002 Light Utility Trailer - Pic1 CDN$13.35 In Stock
A284-61003 Front end Loader - Pic1 CDN$32.95 Low Stock
A284-61004 1940's D8 Crawler w/Logging Arch - Pic1 CDN$54.45 Low Stock
A284-61005 IT18F Log Loader w/figure - Pic1 CDN$33.95 B/O
A284-61006 1940's Bulldozer w/operator - Pic1 CDN$52.95 B/O
A284-61007 V80E Forklift w/figure - Pic1 CDN$19.95 B/O
A284-61008 120 Road Grader w/operator - Pic1 CDN$51.95 Low Stock
A284-61009 Gradall Material Handler - Pic1 CDN$33.95 In Stock
A284-61010 310 A Backhoe w/operator - Pic1 CDN$39.95 In Stock
A284-61011 1940's Tracked crawler - Pic1 CDN$32.45 B/O
A284-62001 50Ton Modern Low Boy Trailer - Pic1 CDN$22.39 B/O
A284-62002 50's Low Boy Trailer - Pic1 CDN$26.75 B/O
A284-63001 1932 Ford Hot Rod - Pic1 CDN$26.45 B/O