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M.T.H. Electric Trains (402)
This list was last updated on: 12:31 PM January 17, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
C40220204651 GE 44T PRR w/P3.0 *sp CDN$619.95 Low Stock
C40220210811 GP38-2 ONR #1809 w/PS3.0 - Pic1 USD$499.95 PRE
C40220210821 GP38-2 ONR #1805 w/PS3.0 - Pic1 USD$499.95 PRE - SOLD OUT
C40220211101 GE44 Tonner CNR #6 w/PS3.0 USD$449.95 PRE
C40220211111 GE44 Tonner CNR #7 w/PS3.0 USD$449.95 PRE
C402-2091661 Ext Vision caboose ONR - Pic1 USD$74.95 PRE
C402-2093751 CPR 50ft Holiday Box w/Stage/LED*sp CDN$136.99 In Stock
C402-2093758 40ft box TH&B *sp - Pic1 CDN$88.99 In Stock
C402-2093766 50ft HC box Canadian Pacific *sp USD$69.95 PRE
C402-2093772 50ft PS1 box Bangor & Aroostook *sp CDN$95.99 Low Stock
C402-2095264 60ft flat w/3 CP Ships container*sp USD$89.95 PRE
C402-2095314 Coil Car Westinghouse *sp USD$69.95 PRE
C402-2095324 60ft flat w/brown pipes TTX *sp USD$64.95 PRE
C402-2095325 60ft flat w/yellow pipes TTX *sp USD$64.95 PRE
C402-3015371 4-6-0 V&T w/P2 - Pic1 CDNTBD PRE
C40230204041 EMD SW8 GM Diesel Div Canada w/P3 CDN$429.95 In Stock
C40230204421 MP15AC CP Rail #1404 w/P3 *sp USD$329.95 PRE
C40230205161 RDC Budd car Set w/P3.0 CNR USD$399.95 PRE
C40230205163 RDC Budd car 2-car Add-on CNR USD$179.95 PRE
C40230205321 CPR Dash8 Holiday w/LEDs PS3 *sp CDN$549.99 B/O
C40230205451 PS3 Canadian Pacific Block w/P3 *sp USD$359.95 PRE
C402-3069231 CPR 60ft Madison Obs Strathcona CDN$96.99 In Stock
C402-3069232 CPR 60ft Madison Obs Killarney CDN$96.99 B/O
C402-3069233 CPR 60ft Madison Obs Van Horne CDN$96.99 In Stock
C402-30-7088 Christmas 4Boxcar Set#1 w/LEDs USD$329.95 PRE
C402-30-7094 CPR Holiday 4Boxcar Set w/LEDs - Pic1 CDN$449.99 In Stock
C402-30-7095 Christmas 4Boxcar Set#2 w/LEDs USD$329.95 PRE
C402-3072154 50ft Gondola ONR w/crates CDN$74.99 In Stock
C402-3073456 3-dome tank Shell CDN$71.95 Low Stock
C402-3073457 3-Dome tank GATX CDN$73.99 Low Stock
C402-3073494 SD tank Globe Gasoline CDN$79.99 In Stock
C402-3073495 SD tank Union 76 CDN$79.99 Low Stock
C402-3073501 3-dome tank California Wine CDN$77.95 B/O
C402-3073503 3-dome tank New England Alcohol CDN$77.95 Low Stock
C402-3073531 SD Chrome tank - Sunoco USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3073532 SD Chrome tank - Shell USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3073533 SD Chrome tank - ESSO USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3073534 SD Chrome tank - Mobil USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3073541 SD Tank - Bee Hive Corn Syrup USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3073542 SD Tank - Standard Chemical CGTX USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3074817 40ft Hicube box BCR - Pic1 CDN$76.95 Low Stock
C402-3074853 50ft DDr box CP Rail CDN$74.99 Low Stock
C402-3074862 Round roof boxcar REA CDN$73.99 Low Stock
C402-3074863 Round roof boxcar Hood's Dairy CDN$73.99 In Stock
C402-3074877 40ft HCube box C&O CDN$74.99 In Stock
C402-3075585 Cyl cov hop CNWX Gov of Canada USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3075586 Cyl cov hop CPWX Wheat Board USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3075587 Cyl cov hop CP Rail USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3076632 Flat w/40ft Trailer CNR CDN$89.99 B/O
C402-3076652 BH flat w/Lumber NYC CDN$79.95 In Stock
C402-3076653 BH flat w/Lumber C&NW CDN$79.95 Low Stock
C402-3076722 19th Cent Flat w/logs CDN$74.99 In Stock
C402-3077310 BW caboose GM Diesel Div Canada CDN$89.95 In Stock
C402-3078175 40ft woodside reefer Great Falls CDN$67.99 Low Stock
C402-3078189 Ellicott & Sons Ice Cream Reefer CDN$74.99 In Stock
C402-3079380 Anthracite Blue Coal Hop w/Op load - Pic1 CDN$80.95 Low Stock
C402-3079456 Operating Helicopter flat NYC CDN$107.99 Low Stock
C402-3090007 Water Supply Building - Pic1 CDN$49.95 Low Stock
C402-3090298 Country Store - General Store - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090299 Country Store - Valley Hardware - Pic1 CDN$79.99 In Stock
C402-3090332 Farm House Cream w/Green Shutters - Pic1 CDN$48.95 Low Stock
C402-3090333 Farm House White w/Red Shutters - Pic1 CDN$48.95 B/O
C402-3090338 Row House #1 - Lt Blue/White - Pic1 CDN$39.95 B/O
C402-3090344 2-Story St. Louis House Saloon - Pic1 USD$54.95 PRE
C402-3090354 Greenville - Country Pass Station - Pic1 USD$69.95 PRE
C402-3090372 3-Story Town House #1 Brown Stone - Pic1 USD$44.95 PRE
C402-3090373 3-Story Town House #1 Sand Stone - Pic1 CDN$59.95 In Stock
C402-3090374 3-Story Town House #2 Miner Red - Pic1 CDN$59.95 Low Stock
C402-3090375 3-Story Town House #2 Main Street - Pic1 CDN$44.95 Low Stock
C402-3090376 3-Story Town House #3 Light Tuscan - Pic1 CDN$44.95 Low Stock
C402-3090377 3-Story Town House #3 Dusty Yellow - Pic1 CDN$59.95 In Stock
C402-3090384 A Pane In The Glass Repair 3story - Pic1 CDN$59.95 B/O
C402-3090385 Kaestner & Holtzmann Furniture 3sty - Pic1 CDN$59.95 B/O
C402-3090388 Frisky Business Pet Shop w/sign - Pic1 CDN$54.95 Low Stock
C402-3090406 Barn - Green/Yellow trim - Pic1 CDN$79.95 B/O
C402-3090423 Single Stall Engine Shed USD$89.95 PRE
C402-3090425 Dual Stall Engine Shed USD$119.95 PRE
C402-3090437 Country Store - Ice Cream - Pic1 CDN$79.95 Low Stock
C402-3090438 3-Story Wiseguy's Pizza w/sign - Pic1 USD$79.95 PRE
C402-3090439 3-Story Fat Heads Bar w/sign - Pic1 USD$79.95 PRE
C402-3090443 3-Story Johnson Pharmacy - Pic1 USD$69.95 PRE
C402-3090448 1-Story Corner Squeeky's Auto Parts - Pic1 CDN$79.95 Low Stock
C402-3090449 1-Story Corner Sonny's Italian Deli - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090450 1-Story Opposite Cor Wine Shop - Pic1 CDN$79.95 B/O
C402-3090451 1-Story Opposite Cor Downtown Hobby - Pic1 CDN$79.95 In Stock
C402-3090455 Railtown Country Passenger Station CDN$93.95 B/O
C402-3090461 4-Story Center City Diner - Pic1 USD$64.95 PRE
C402-3090462 4-Story Downtown Cleaners - Pic1 USD$64.95 PRE
C402-3090465 Country School House CDN$53.95 B/O
C402-3090470 2-Story Golden Eagle Clothing - Pic1 USD$54.95 PRE
C402-3090471 2-Story Grand Pacific Hotel - Pic1 USD$54.95 PRE
C402-3090474 Corner Building Ali's Tiki Bar - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090475 Corner Building Norman's Taxidermy - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090476 Opposite Corner Beneetto Meats - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090477 Opposite Corner Today's Vinyl Recor - Pic1 USD$59.95 PRE
C402-3090487 3-Story Hippy's Tattoos - Pic1 USD$69.95 PRE
C402-3090504 Road side Stand - Xmas Trees For Sa USD$49.95 PRE
C402-3090519 Country House Tan/brown w/XmasLgts CDN$99.95 Low Stock
C402-3090520 Country House grn/Blk w/XmasLgts CDN$99.95 In Stock
C402-3090521 Farm House Grey/Blue w/XmasLgts CDN$99.95 Low Stock
C402-3090522 Farm House Red/Green w/Xmaslgts CDN$99.95 B/O
C402-3090524 Pass Station Main Street w/XmasLgts USD$89.95 PRE
C402-3090525 Pass Station North Pole w/XmasLgts USD$89.95 PRE
C402-3090572 Cream/Grn Row House w/Christmas LED CDN$88.99 In Stock
C402-3090573 Gray/Red Row House w/Christmas LEDs CDN$88.99 In Stock
C402-3090578 Country Church w/White LEDs CDN$81.99 In Stock
C402-3090586 Country Pass Station w/ChristmasLED CDN$122.99 Low Stock
C402-3090588 Red Country House w/Christmas LEDs CDN$109.99 In Stock
C402-3090589 Tan Country House w/Christmas LEDs USD$79.95 PRE
C402-3090591 Green Farm House w/Christmas LEDs CDN$109.99 In Stock
C402-40-1009 Realtrax - Grade Crossing *d - Pic1 CDN$5.99 $12.95 In Stock
C402-RP MTH repair parts CDN$0.00 In Stock