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Lionel (434)
This list was last updated on: 11:31 AM July 4, 2020
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
C434-12014 FasTrack 10 inch straight - Pic1 CDN$7.45 In Stock
C434-12015 FasTrack 036 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$7.45 In Stock
C434-12016 FasTrack Terminal Section - Pic1 - Pic2 - Pic3 CDN$12.25 In Stock
C434-12017 FasTrack 036 LH switch manual - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
C434-12018 FasTrack 036 RH switch manual - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
C434-12019 FasTrack crossover 90 degree - Pic1 CDN$33.99 B/O
C434-12020 FasTrack uncoupling track - Pic1 CDN$56.25 B/O
C434-12022 FasTrack 036 1/2 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$6.99 Low Stock
C434-12023 FasTrack 036 1/4 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$6.25 B/O
C434-12024 FasTrack 1/2 straight 5in - Pic1 CDN$6.45 In Stock
C434-12025 FasTrack 4.5inch straight - Pic1 CDN$6.15 B/O
C434-12026 FasTrack 1.75inch straight - Pic1 CDN$6.15 B/O
C434-12027 FasTrack Accessory Activator Extder - Pic1 CDN$6.65 B/O
C434-12028 FasTrack Inner Loop Track Pack - Pic1 CDN$154.99 B/O
C434-12029 FasTrack Activator Pack - Pic1 CDN$28.95 In Stock
C434-12030 FasTrack Figure 8 Track Pack - Pic1 CDN$99.99 B/O
C434-12031 FasTrack Outer Passing Loop TrackPk - Pic1 CDN$192.99 B/O
C434-12032 FasTrack Straight Track pack /4 - Pic1 CDN$29.99 B/O
C434-12033 FasTrack Curve Track pack /4 - Pic1 CDN$29.99 In Stock
C434-12035 FasTrack Bumpers lighted - Pic1 CDN$42.99 In Stock
C434-12036 FasTrack Grade Crossing 10in - Pic1 CDN$25.99 B/O
C434-12037 FasTrack Graduated Trestle - Pic1 - Pic2 CDN$119.99 B/O
C434-12038 FasTrack Elevated Trestle - Pic1 CDN$62.99 In Stock
C434-12039 FasTrack Rerailer - Pic1 CDN$13.45 B/O
C434-12040 FasTrack O Gauge Transition piece - Pic1 CDN$13.45 In Stock
C434-12041 FasTrack 072 Curved - Pic1 CDN$10.25 In Stock
C434-12042 FasTrack 30 in Straight - Pic1 CDN$23.99 In Stock
C434-12043 FasTrack 048 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$8.15 In Stock
C434-12044 FasTrack Siding Track pack - Pic1 CDN$164.99 Low Stock
C434-12050 FasTrack 22 1/2 degree crossover - Pic1 CDN$65.99 B/O
C434-12051 FasTrack 45degree crossover - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
C434-12052 FasTrack Grade crossing w/flashers - Pic1 CDN$132.99 B/O
C434-12053 FasTrack Power wire - Pic1 CDN$5.45 In Stock
C434-12054 FasTrack operating track - Pic1 CDN$58.99 B/O
C434-12055 FasTrack 072 1/2 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$9.39 B/O
C434-12056 FasTrack 060 Curve - Pic1 CDN$10.25 In Stock
C434-12059 FasTrack Earthen Bumper /2 - Pic1 CDN$18.25 B/O
C434-12060 FasTrack Block section - Pic1 CDN$15.99 B/O
C434-12061 FasTrack 084 Curve - Pic1 CDN$10.25 In Stock
C434-12062 FasTrack Grade Cross/Gate/Flasher*s - Pic1 CDN$179.99 $229.99 Out Of Stock
C434-12073 FasTrack 1 3/8in straight - Pic1 CDN$6.45 B/O
C434-12074 FasTrack 1 3/8in straight w/o rdbed - Pic1 CDN$6.15 B/O
C434-12744 Rock Piers 7inx5inx3in /2 - Pic1 CDN$19.99 Low Stock
C434-12927 Yard Lights #65 /3 *s - Pic1 CDN$28.99 $37.99 Low Stock
C434-14071 Yard Light #70 /3 *s - Pic1 CDN$36.99 $47.99 In Stock
C434-16834 FasTrack 048 1/2 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$8.95 B/O
C434-16835 FasTrack 048 1/4 Curved track - Pic1 CDN$6.95 B/O
C434-1923020 Train Set - NYC Steam Flyer *s - Pic1 CDN$399.99 $474.99 In Stock
C434-1926181 Bunk car MOW #99832 *s - Pic1 CDN$119.99 $135.99 In Stock
C434-1926182 Bunk car MOW #99835 *s - Pic1 CDN$119.99 $135.99 In Stock
C434-1926183 Bunk car MOW #99837 *s - Pic1 CDN$119.99 $135.99 In Stock
C434-1926240 Kitchen car w/sounds MOW *s - Pic1 CDN$159.99 $199.99 In Stock
C434-1926300 Tool car MOW #99500 *s - Pic1 CDN$99.99 $122.99 In Stock
C434-1926370 Polar Express - Gondola w/Present*d - Pic1 CDN$96.99 $128.99 Low Stock
C434-1928410 Polar Express - Reindeer Car - Pic1 CDN$109.99 Low Stock
C434-1928490 2019 Christmas Box Car *d - Pic1 CDN$66.99 $86.99 In Stock
C434-1929100 Defect Detector - Pic1 CDN$99.99 In Stock
C434-24252 Polar Express - Wolves & Rabbits *s - Pic1 CDN$23.99 $30.99 In Stock
C434-29626 Case Closed Mint Car *d CDN$89.99 $139.99 Low Stock
C434-30214 Train Set - Peanuts Halloween RC *s - Pic1 CDN$339.99 $399.99 In Stock
C434-36875 Polar Express - Announcement coac*d - Pic1 CDN$129.99 $182.99 In Stock
C434-37103 FasTrack 031 Curved Track - Pic1 CDN$7.65 In Stock
C434-37110 FasTrack Lionchief Terminal - Pic1 CDN$10.25 Low Stock
C434-37112 Lionel Helicopter /2 *d - Pic1 CDN$24.99 $34.99 Low Stock
C434-37166 Crossing Shanty *s CDN$26.99 $33.99 Low Stock
C434-37834 Boat 4pk *s - Pic1 CDN$25.99 $33.99 In Stock
C434-39376 Monopoly Box 2pk States & Vermont*d CDN$99.99 Low Stock
C434-62716 Short Extension Bridge *s CDN$14.99 $19.95 In Stock
C434-62927 Lube/Maintenance set CDN$37.99 B/O
C434-65014 027 Curved track half 5 7/8inch*dis CDN$.99 Low Stock
C434-81248 FasTrack Straight Girder Bridge *s - Pic1 CDN$24.99 $33.99 In Stock
C434-81251 FasTrack 031 Manual RH Switch - Pic1 CDN$67.99 B/O
C434-81252 FasTrack 031 Manual LH Switch - Pic1 CDN$67.99 Low Stock
C434-81253 FasTrack 031 remote RH Switch CC - Pic1 CDN$149.99 B/O
C434-81254 FasTrack 031 Remote LH Switch CC - Pic1 CDN$149.99 B/O
C434-81313 FasTrack P&P Power Lock-on - Pic1 CDN$29.99 Low Stock
C434-81314 FasTrack P&P Power Block Lock-on - Pic1 CDN$53.99 In Stock
C434-81317 FasTrack P&P Accessory Activator - Pic1 CDN$32.55 Low Stock
C434-81662 FasTrack 031 Quarter Curve - Pic1 CDN$6.45 Low Stock
C434-81735 FasTrack Figure 8 w/80w Power Pack - Pic1 CDN$339.99 In Stock
C434-81904 Semi-tractor w/trailer CPR *d CDN$79.99 $119.99 In Stock
C434-81946 FasTrack 036 RH Remote CC - Pic1 CDN$146.99 Low Stock
C434-81954 FasTrack 072 Wye Remote CC - Pic1 CDN$164.99 In Stock
C434-82012C P&P Floodlight Tower *d CDN$79.99 $102.99 In Stock
C434-82039 P&P 3ft Male Pigtail Power cable - Pic1 CDN$14.99 B/O
C434-82984 Train Set - NYC RS3 LC Freight *s - Pic1 CDN$299.99 $354.99 Low Stock
C434-83437 Polar Express - Announcement Coach - Pic1 CDN$144.99 In Stock
C434-83964 Train Set - Mickey's Christ w/BT *s - Pic1 CDN$529.99 $569.99 In Stock
C434-83972 Train Set - Hogwarts Exp RC w/BT - Pic1 CDN$574.99 Low Stock
C434-84211 Hvywt coach TH&B #1 2pk *d - Pic1 CDN$399.99 $549.99 In Stock
C434-84214 Hvywt Coach TH&B #2 2pk *d - Pic1 CDN$399.99 $549.99 In Stock
C434-84328 Train Set - Polar Express RC w/BT*s - Pic1 CDN$539.99 $569.99 Low Stock
C434-84676 Peanuts Comic Art - Hilltop Box *s - Pic1 CDN$99.99 $119.99 In Stock
C434-84677 Peanuts Comic Art - Meadow Box *s - Pic1 CDN$99.99 $119.99 In Stock
C434-84678 Peanuts Comic Art - Winter box *s - Pic1 CDN$89.99 $109.99 Low Stock
C434-84700 Train Set - 50th Hotwheels RCw/BT*s - Pic1 CDN$469.99 $539.99 Low Stock
C434-84747 2018 Christmas Boxcar *d - Pic1 CDN$69.99 $88.99 In Stock
C434-84767 Hogwarts - Dementors Coach *s - Pic1 CDN$99.99 $119.99 Low Stock
C434-84787 Train Set - Santa FrtLines RCw/BT*s - Pic1 CDN$359.99 $419.99 In Stock