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Soundtraxx (678)
This list was last updated on: 10:31 AM August 19, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
I678-810012 2pin Microconnector set CDN$5.45 In Stock
I678-810038 Exhaust cam kit CDN$13.20 B/O
I678-810053 Speaker 3/4inch 8ohm - Pic1 CDN$14.95 In Stock
I678-810055 Speaker 1-1/2in dia 8ohm CDN$14.95 Low Stock
I678-810068 Speaker Wiring harness Steam CDN$7.49 In Stock
I678-810078 Speaker Oval 1.1x1.57x.5 8ohm CDN$19.95 Low Stock
I678-810089 Speaker 1/2inch dia 8ohm CDN$14.45 In Stock
I678-810091 Speaker Wiring Harness Diesel CDN$7.49 In Stock
I678-810103 Speaker Narrow Oval 1.56x.78x.31 CDN$19.55 In Stock
I678-810107 Speaker baffle kit 3/8inch *d CDN$4.95 In Stock
I678-810108 Speaker baffle kit 1/2inch CDN$4.95 In Stock
I678-810109 Speaker baffle kit 3/4inch - Pic1 CDN$4.55 In Stock
I678-810110 Speaker baffle kit 1inch - Pic1 CDN$4.55 In Stock
I678-810112 Speaker Narrow Oval .56x1x.19 - Pic1 CDN$19.55 In Stock
I678-810113 Speaker Narrow Oval .63x1.38x.28 - Pic1 CDN$19.55 B/O
I678-810118 3/4in Speaker Gasket kit /4 CDN$5.29 In Stock
I678-810119 1in Speaker Gasket kit /4 CDN$5.29 In Stock
I678-810120 20x40mm Speaker Gasket kit /4 CDN$5.29 In Stock
I678-810121 14x25mm Speaker Gasket kit /4 CDN$5.29 In Stock
I678-810123 NMRA 8pin Connector CDN$14.95 In Stock
I678-810129 Mega Bass speaker .91x.91x.4 8ohm - Pic1 CDN$15.95 In Stock
I678-810130 Mega Bass speaker 1.06dia x.56 8ohm - Pic1 CDN$15.95 In Stock
I678-810131 Mega Bass speaker 1.1x1.1x.44 8ohm - Pic1 CDN$15.95 B/O
I678-810132 Steam Loco to Tender Wire Harneskit CDN$16.79 In Stock
I678-810135 8-Pin Wiring Harness CDN$8.65 In Stock
I678-810140 Current Keeper - Pic1 CDN$40.55 B/O
I678-810154 Mini Cube speaker 16x12x11.25mm 8oh CDN$18.95 In Stock
I678-810155 Mini Cube 2 speaker 13x9x8.5mm 32oh CDN$19.95 Low Stock
I678-810159 JST 21-PNEM Adapter CDN$18.55 In Stock
I678-829001 Decoder test kit CDN$3.29 In Stock
I678-829002 Programming Track Booster - Pic1 CDN$79.95 Low Stock
I678-829100 Tsunami SoundCar - Pic1 CDN$81.99 B/O
I678-852001 Decoder 2F 8pin - Pic1 CDN$32.99 B/O
I678-852003 4F Mobile Decoder 9pin to 8pin NMRA - Pic1 CDN$46.99 B/O
I678-852004 4F Mobile Decoder w/9pin harness - Pic1 CDN$39.99 B/O
I678-881006 Econami - 21PNEM Steam CDN$109.99 In Stock
I678-882004 Econami - PNP Diesel CDN$109.99 B/O
I678-882006 Econami - 21PNEM Diesel CDN$109.99 B/O
I678-884001 Tsunami2 - 1100 Steam CDN$175.99 B/O
I678-884002 Tsunami2 - 2200 Steam CDN$169.99 Low Stock
I678-884003 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM Steam CDN$148.99 In Stock
I678-884005 Tsunami2 - 4400 Steam USD$179.95 PRE
I678-885001 Tsunami2 - 1100 EMD Diesel CDN$179.99 B/O
I678-885002 Tsunami2 - 1100 GE Diesel CDN$169.99 In Stock
I678-885003 Tsunami2 - 1100 ALCO Diesel CDN$169.99 Low Stock
I678-885004 Tsunami2 - 1100 Baldwin & Others CDN$169.99 B/O
I678-885005 Tsunami2 - 2200 EMD Diesel CDN$169.99 B/O
I678-885006 Tsumani2 - 2200 GE Diesel CDN$169.99 In Stock
I678-885007 Tsunami2 - 2200 ALCO Diesel CDN$169.99 Low Stock
I678-885008 Tsunami2 - 2200 Baldwin & Others CDN$169.99 B/O
I678-885009 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM EMD Diesel CDN$148.99 B/O
I678-885010 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM GE Diesel CDN$148.99 In Stock
I678-885011 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM ALCO Diesel CDN$148.99 B/O
I678-885012 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM Baldwin & Others CDN$148.99 B/O
I678-885013 Tsunami2 - PNP EMD Diesels CDN$152.99 Low Stock
I678-885014 Tsunami2 - PNP GE Diesels CDN$152.99 B/O
I678-885015 Tsunami2 - PNP ALCO Diesels CDN$152.99 B/O
I678-885016 Tsunami2 - PNP Baldwin & Others CDN$152.99 B/O
I678-885017 Tsunami2 - 4400 EMD Diesel USD$179.95 PRE
I678-885018 Tsunami2 - 4400 GE Diesel USD$179.95 PRE
I678-885019 Tsunami2 - 4400 Alco Diesel USD$179.95 PRE
I678-885020 Tsunami2 - 4400 Baldwin & Others USD$179.95 PRE
I678-886001 Tsunami2 - 1100 Electric Locos CDN$175.99 In Stock
I678-886002 Tsunami2 - 2200 Electric Locos CDN$169.99 B/O
I678-886003 Tsunami2 - 21PNEM Electric Locos CDN$152.99 B/O
I678-886005 Tsunami2 - 4400 Electric USD$179.95 PRE