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Train Control Systems (745)
This list was last updated on: 1:31 PM August 18, 2019
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
I745-1000 A4X Drop in Atlas/Athearn 4Func - Pic1 CDN$51.55 In Stock
I745-1001 A6X Drop in Atlas/Athearn 6Func - Pic1 CDN$60.55 In Stock
I745-1002 FL2 Function Only Decoder - Pic1 CDN$31.95 B/O
I745-1003 FL2 5pk Function Only Decoder CDN$166.55 B/O
I745-1004 FL4 Function Only Decoder - Pic1 CDN$36.95 B/O
I745-1005 FL4 5pk Function Only Decoder CDN$174.95 B/O
I745-1006 M1 Decoder 2Function - Pic1 CDN$56.99 In Stock
I745-1011 M4 Decoder 4Function USD$51.95 PRE
I745-1013 MC2 2Function w/Harness 7pin USD$36.95 PRE
I745-1017 MC4 4Function w/Harness 7pin USD$42.95 PRE
I745-1021 T1 2Function w/9pin JST - Pic1 CDN$41.99 In Stock
I745-1024 T4X 4Function w/9pin JST USD$34.95 PRE
I745-1026 T6X 6Function w/9pin JST - Pic1 CDN$49.99 In Stock
I745-1028 DP2X 2Function w/8pin NMRA CDN$49.99 In Stock
I745-1029 AMD4 N Decoder B23-7/C630/Dash8/GP - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1030 MP15N N Decoder 2Func Atlas MP15 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 In Stock
I745-1031 VO-1000 N Decoder 4Function Atlas USD$48.95 PRE
I745-1032 VR1.5 Voltage Regulaor USD$14.95 PRE
I745-1209 32g wire 10ft roll Red - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1210 32g wire 10ft roll Orange - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1211 32g wire 10ft roll Yellow - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1212 32g wire 10ft roll Green - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1213 32g wire 10ft roll Blue - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1214 32g wire 10ft roll Violet - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1215 32g wire 10ft roll Grey - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1217 32g wire 10ft roll Black - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1218 32g wire 10ft roll White - Pic1 CDN$8.35 In Stock
I745-1256 Kapton Tape 1/4in x 36 yards *sp - Pic1 CDN$17.95 In Stock
I745-1273 LED Sunny White SM /10 - Pic1 CDN$19.25 In Stock
I745-1278 CN N Decoder Atlas Split RS1/2/3 - Pic1 CDN$65.99 In Stock
I745-1279 ASD4 N Decoder Atlas GP7/9/30/35 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 In Stock
I745-1286 CN-GP N Decoder Atlas Split GP7/9 - Pic1 CDN$69.99 In Stock
I745-1288 LED Sunny White 3mm - Pic1 CDN$2.75 B/O
I745-1293 K1D4 N Decoder Kato SD50/C30/ES44AC - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1294 K2D4 N Decoder RS2/C SD80/90MAC - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1295 K3D3 N Decoder Kato NW2 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 In Stock
I745-1296 Z2 N/Z Decoder 2Function - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1301 2-Pin Mini-Connector w/wire - Pic1 CDN$14.99 In Stock
I745-1302 ALD4 N Decoder Atlas SD50/60 - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
I745-1304 Kapton Tape 1/2in x 36yards *sp - Pic1 CDN$24.95 B/O
I745-1305 Kapton Tape 3/4in x 36yards *sp - Pic1 CDN$29.99 In Stock
I745-1306 Kapton Tape 1in x 36yards *sp - Pic1 CDN$37.49 In Stock
I745-1318 K1D4-NC N Decoder Kato SD70ACe/GG - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1327 IMD4 N Decoder IMR SD40T-2/45 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1328 IMF4 N Decoder IMR F7A/F3A/F9B - Pic1 CDN$66.55 In Stock
I745-1329 IMFP4 N Decoder IMR FP7/9A - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1330 IMFTA4 N Decoder IMR FTA - Pic1 CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1331 IMFTB4 N Decoder IMR FTB - Pic1 CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1332 K0D8-A N Decoder Kato PA/E8/P42 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1333 K0D8-B N Decoder Kato F3/F7A - Pic1 CDN$65.99 B/O
I745-1335 DP5 Decoder 5Function CDN$58.55 B/O
I745-1337 6-Pin Mini-Connector w/wire - Pic1 CDN$22.99 In Stock
I745-1338 K0D8-C N Decoder Kato F40PH/Es44 - Pic1 CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1339 K0D8-D N Decoder Kato E9/F7B/PB1 - Pic1 USD$48.95 PRE
I745-1342 TCS Z Decoder - Z2P-VO - Pic1 CDN$69.99 Low Stock
I745-1343 LL8 Decoder For P2K/P1K 2Func - Pic1 USD$48.95 PRE
I745-1344 TCS Decoder - EU621X 6F BEMF 21p - Pic1 CDN$59.99 In Stock
I745-1353 DCC Harness T-3.5in 9pin to NEM21 - Pic1 CDN$17.75 In Stock
I745-1359 DCC Harness T-1in 9pin to NMRA CDN$13.45 In Stock
I745-1361 DCC Harness T-3.5in 9pin to NMRA CDN$13.45 In Stock
I745-1402 LL8-LED Decoder for P2K/P1K 4Func - Pic1 CDN$65.99 In Stock
I745-1411 6-pin Mini conn set w/wires col CDN$22.99 In Stock
I745-1412 DP2-LL 2Function for P2K FA1 USD$36.95 PRE
I745-1413 L1D4 N Decoder LL GP20/60 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1416 TCS Decoder AS6 for Atlas S Units - Pic1 CDN$66.99 In Stock
I745-1424 TCS Decoder - M1-KA - Pic1 CDN$62.99 In Stock
I745-1448 EU621XKA 6Function BEMF 21pin w/wir CDN$66.99 B/O
I745-1449 EU621XKAC 6Function BEMF 21p w/harn CDN$72.75 B/O
I745-1453 LL8LEDKAC 8F BEMF Proto 2000 w/harn CDN$80.95 B/O
I745-1454 KA1 Keep Alive - Pic1 USD$26.95 PRE
I745-1455 KA1-C Keep Alive w/2pin harness USD$31.95 PRE
I745-1456 KA2 Keep Alive USD$26.95 PRE
I745-1457 KA2-C Keep Alive w/2pin harness - Pic1 USD$31.95 PRE
I745-1463 KAT16 Keep-Alive 6Function *d - Pic1 CDN$62.99 Low Stock
I745-1464 KAT22 Keep Alive 2Function CDN$79.99 B/O
I745-1465 KAT24 Keep Alive 4Function CDN$82.99 Low Stock
I745-1466 KAT26 Keep Alive 6Function CDN$89.99 In Stock
I745-1473 2-pin Micro conn w/wires CDN$16.25 In Stock
I745-1476 6-pin Micro conn w/wires blk CDN$25.99 Low Stock
I745-1479 KAM4LED Keep Alive 4F hardwire LED CDN$79.25 In Stock
I745-1482 T4LED 4Function w/resistor USD$34.95 PRE
I745-1484 T1LED 2Function w/resistor - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
I745-1485 KAM4 Keep Alive 4F hardwire CDN$85.25 B/O
I745-1486 KAM4PSH Keep Alive 4F 1in w/plug CDN$93.75 B/O
I745-1487 KAM4PMH Keep Alive 4F 3.5in w/plug CDN$93.75 B/O
I745-1488 KAM4PLH Keep Alive 4F 5in w/plug CDN$93.75 B/O
I745-1489 K5D7 N Decoder Kato F40PH CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1517 WOW101 Steam w/9pJST w/KAlive - Pic1 CDN$172.99 In Stock
I745-1520 2-pin Micro conn w/Red&Blk wires CDN$16.25 In Stock
I745-1522 2-pin Micro conn w/purple wires CDN$15.25 In Stock
I745-1525 WOW121 Steam 6F 21pin - Pic1 CDN$139.95 In Stock
I745-1527 WOW101 Diesel 4F w8pr 21pin CDN$139.99 In Stock
I745-1530 WOW101 Diesel 6F w/8prime 9pJST - Pic1 CDN$145.95 In Stock
I745-1533 WOW101 Diesel 6F w/8pr 9pJST w/Keep CDN$179.95 In Stock
I745-1543 MB1 Motherboard for Proto 21pin - Pic1 CDN$49.99 B/O
I745-1549 MT1500 N Decoder Mtrains SW1500 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1551 IMF4-NF N Decoder IMR New F3/F7/F9B CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1552 IMFP4-NF N Decoder IMR new FP7/9A - Pic1 CDN$66.55 B/O
I745-1554 WOWSpeaker - 20mm round - Pic1 CDN$16.75 In Stock
I745-1555 WOWSpeaker - 28mm Round - Pic1 CDN$15.99 In Stock
I745-1556 K6D4 N Decoder Kato FEF - Pic1 CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1581 W2 Brass Wipers /6 - Pic1 CDN$16.75 In Stock
I745-1582 Stainless Wheel Wipers /6 - Pic1 USD$17.95 PRE
I745-1594 Auxillary Harness WAUX-KA3 ForWOW CDN$47.99 Low Stock
I745-1595 Decoder Tester - Pic1 CDN$199.99 B/O
I745-1615 Motherboard Athearn w/KA2 Alive CDN$67.45 Low Stock
I745-1616 Motherboard Genesis w/KA2 Alive CDN$67.45 B/O
I745-1617 Motherboard IMRSD40/BowC636 w/KA2 CDN$67.45 In Stock
I745-1618 Motherboard IMRES44/BOWS12 w/KA2 CDN$67.45 In Stock
I745-1667 KA4-C Keep Alive w/2pin harness CDN$42.99 In Stock
I745-1668 KA4 Keep Alive .52x.52x.45in CDN$35.99 B/O
I745-1672 IMD4-W N Decoder IMR SD40-2W CDN$66.55 Low Stock
I745-1694 28mm High Bass round speaker 4w CDN$17.99 Low Stock
I745-1768 WOW Complete Kit Sound Ath-5 CDN$174.99 Low Stock
I745-1770 WOW Complete Kit Sound Ath-3 Gen CDN$174.99 Low Stock
I745-2000 KA3 Keep Alive 1.02x.45x.347in CDN$35.99 In Stock
I745-2001 KA3-C Keep Alive w/2pin harness CDN$42.99 In Stock
I745-2015 K0D8-F N decoder Kato FP7A USD$48.95 PRE