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N Scale And Z Scale

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August 20, 2020

CP Rail - Weathered

CP Rail Weathered Tie Loader 3-Pack

Scale Test Car CP Rail

scale test
CP Rail #420939

August 20, 2020

Intermountain Railway
Cylindrical Hoppers

Canadian Wheat Board CNWX 6 new #'s - CPWX 6 new #'s
Also Available:
Red Canada, Alberta Heritage, Alberta 'Take A Break', Saskatchewan

August 20, 2020

Rapido Trains
GE Dash 8-40CM Locomotives

The "Draper Taper"

July 30, 2020

11,000 Gallon Tank cars

Dow Canada 2 Road #'s
Also Available:

July 20, 2020

Jacksonville Terminal
NSC 53 Foot Well Car

well car
DTTX 5 #'s
Features: Die cast metal body, Etched stainless steel walkways grating,
Etched stainless steel end walkway and hand grabs, Detailed air lines piping - plastic,
100 ton trucks - Micro-Trains brand, Body Mount knuckle couplers - Micro-Trains brand

July 10, 2020

Kato Precision Models
Canadian National Transcontinental
7-Car Passenger Train

1960-70's era Style
7-Car Contents:
ex-UP Baggage #9160
ex-UP Pullman Coach #5712
ex-PRR Pullman 10-6 Sleeper #2130 'Terra Nova River'
ex-MILW Dome Lounge #2403 'Fraser'
ex-UP ACF Diner #1350
ex-MILW pullman 10-6 Sleeper #2144 'Vermillion River'
ex-MILW Pullman Lounge Observation #1903 'trinity'

CNR 7-Car Set w/Interior lighting Now Arrived

EMD CNR F7A & F7B Locomotive Set #9080/9057
EMD CNR F7A #9098
EMD CNR F7A & F7B Locomotive Set #9080/9057 w/DCC Installed
EMD CNR F7A & F7B Locomotive Set #9080/9057 w/DCC & Sound Installed

EMD CNR F7A #9098 w/DCC
EMD CNR F7A #9098 w/DCC & Sound Installed

July 9, 2020

GP38 Locomotives

Canadian Pacific 2#'s
Also Available:
NS First Responders, Chessie, UP

June 26, 2020

GP35 Locomotives

Canadian Pacific 2 Road #'s
Also Available:
Penn Central, ATSF, UP

May 5, 2020

30 Foot 3-Window Cabooses

Canadian National 3 Road #'s

May 5, 2020

Woodlands Scenics
Add character to any scene with hand-painted and authentically weathered Fences.
Easily assemble Fences on your layout by aligning the modular pieces. Fences
feature gates, detailed hinges and planter pins for simple installation.
Each fence represents 192 scale feet.

March 5, 2020

Ontario Northland

Ontario Northland 50 Foot Gondola

Canadian National Expo 2-Pack

expo 2pack
Canadian National Expo 50 Foot Boxcar

Special Edition!

ITLA Scale Models
Credit Valley Special Edition #1
Streetsville Junction Industries

Special Edition kit - Only 20 produced!

Base, scenery, vehicles and rolling stock not included
Special $114.99

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