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Misc. USA Vendors (213)
This list was last updated on: 4:31 PM January 22, 2021
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A213-87-0057 Enviro 500 DblDeck Bus GOTransit*sp - Pic1 CDN$59.99 In Stock
A213-87-0058 MCI D4500 Bus - Great Canadian *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
A213-87-0140 New Flyer Articulated XD60 NYC MTA CDN$72.99 B/O
A213-87-0141 New Flyer Articulated XD60 NY Selec CDN$72.99 In Stock
A213-87-0160 NF Xcelsior XN60 Bus Boston *sp CDN$66.99 B/O
A213-87-0166 New Flyer XE40 Electric Bus TTC *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.99 In Stock
A213-87-0182 MCI MC-7 Bus Greyhound Blue *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 B/O
A213-87-0183 MCI MC-7 Bus Greyhound Pepsi *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 B/O
A213-87-0185 MCI MC-7 Bus Richfield *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 In Stock
A213-87-0186 MCI MC-7 Bus Gray Coach *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 In Stock
A213-87-0187 MCI MC-7 Bus Trailways *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 In Stock
A213-87-0188 MCI MC-7 Bus Manhattan Lines *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 In Stock
A213-87-0189 MCI MC-7 Bus Voyageur *sp - Pic1 CDN$56.99 B/O
A213-87-0191 MCI MC-7 Bus Blank White *sp CDN$56.99 In Stock
A213-87-0206 GM PD4104 Bus Blank/White *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.99 In Stock
A213-87-0207 GM PD4104 Bus Greyhound/Airport *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.99 In Stock
A213-87-0208 GM PD4104 Bus Greyhound Pepsi *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.99 In Stock
A213-87-0219 MCI D4505 Bus Greyhound Canada *sp - Pic1 CDN$52.99 In Stock
A213-87-0223 MCI D4505 Bus Ontario Northland *sp - Pic1 CDN$52.99 In Stock
A213-87-0230 MCI MC-9 Bus VIA Rail *sp - Pic1 USD$39.99 PRE
A213-87-0234 MCI MC-9 Bus Brewster *sp - Pic1 USD$39.99 PRE
A213-87-0253 MCI D4505 Bus Toronto Police *sp - Pic1 CDN$52.99 In Stock
A213-87-0266 Prevost X3-45 Bus FortMcMurray *sp - Pic1 CDN$52.99 In Stock
A213-MOB935 Mel's Drive-In CDN$44.99 In Stock