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Miniatures By Eric (226)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-02-02 10:53:51 AM
HO Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
A226-A01 Antenna (CN/CP) Sinclair radio CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-A02 Anti Climber CN/CP small CAD$3.75 Backorder
A226-A03 Anti Climber & ditch lights CAD$4.45 Backorder
A226-A04 Anti Climber CNR SD40-2 CAD$3.75 In Stock
A226-A05 Axle slip Indicator CN/CP CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-A06 CPR Antenna (robot) CAD$3.00 In Stock
A226-A09 Anti Climber & ditch lights ACR CAD$6.19 In Stock
A226-A10 Anti Climber & ditch lights CAD$4.19 In Stock
A226-B01 High hood bell CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B02 Low hood Bell CN/CP CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B03 Bell steam - side mount CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B04 Bell CNR SD50 CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-B05 Bell (Steam Engine,CPR) CAD$2.75 Backorder
A226-B06 Diesel Brake wheel CPR SD40-2 /2 CAD$2.75 Backorder
A226-B07 Bell F-unit CNR CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B08 Bell diesel CNR GMD1,SW1200 CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B09 Brake wheel & stand CNR SD40-2 CAD$3.35 Backorder
A226-B10 Brake wheel & stand CPR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-B11 Bell - F unit ONR CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-B12 Bell side mount CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B15 Alco bell CAD$2.55 Backorder
A226-B16 Bell CNR FPA4/FA2 CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-B17 Bell TH&B GP9 CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B18 Coupler bumper TH&B CAD$3.65 Backorder
A226-B20 Bell RS11/RS18 CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-B21 Brakes dynamic GP38-2 CAD$5.59 Low Stock
A226-B22 Bearings, Side Truck CAD$7.39 Backorder
A226-B24 Caboose brake CAD$3.69 Backorder
A226-B25 ALCO Bell CPR CAD$2.65 Backorder
A226-C01 CP Early Steam Cab CAD$25.00 Backorder
A226-C02 End corner filler pieces RS18 CAD$4.65 Backorder
A226-C04 CNR Steam Cab CAD$25.00 Backorder
A226-D01 F Unit Back Door Unit CAD$5.50 Backorder
A226-D02 Sand dome CAD$4.95 Backorder
A226-D03 Steam dome CAD$3.55 Backorder
A226-E01 Exhaust stack CPR Baldwin CAD$3.15 Backorder
A226-E02 Exhaust stack CPR RS2/3 CAD$2.50 Backorder
A226-E03 Exhaust stack CPR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-E04 CPR SD40-2 Exhaust stack CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-E05 Exhaust stack CNR SW1200,SW900 CAD$5.50 Backorder
A226-E06 Exhaust stack CNR CAD$5.50 Backorder
A226-E07 Exhaust stack CPR SD40-2 CAD$4.50 Low Stock
A226-E08 Exhaust stack ONR/ACR/CPR CAD$5.50 Low Stock
A226-E09 Exhaust stack CP GP9 CAD$5.50 In Stock
A226-E11 Alco C630 exhaust stack CAD$2.69 Backorder
A226-E12 Exhaust stack, VIA FP40 CAD$3.00 In Stock
A226-E14 Round Exhaust CAD$5.50 In Stock
A226-F01 Filter box, side CAD$6.19 Backorder
A226-F08 Feedwater Heater CAD$6.19 In Stock
A226-F09 Feedwater heater - round CAD$5.00 Backorder
A226-G01 Steam generator details CN/CP CAD$4.95 Backorder
A226-G02 Steam generator details CP GP9 CAD$4.95 Backorder
A226-G04 Steam generator detail CNR Aunit CAD$3.75 Backorder
A226-H01 Horn Diesel CN/CP F,SD40-2,GP9 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H02 Horn, CNR SD50 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H03 Horn, Diesel CNR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H04 Horn Bunit CP/CN single chime CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-H05 Horn & Bracket CP RS2 CAD$2.95 Backorder
A226-H06 Hatches sand CPR SD40-2 CAD$2.95 Backorder
A226-H07 Hatch winter CPR Funit CAD$4.45 Low Stock
A226-H08 Winter hatch FA1 CAD$6.75 Backorder
A226-H09 Winter hatch CP RS2 CAD$4.60 Backorder
A226-H10 Sand hatches CPR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H11 Ice racks CPR CAD$5.89 In Stock
A226-H12 Winter hatch SD40-2 CPR old style CAD$5.50 Backorder
A226-H13 Winter hatch SD40-2 new style CPR CAD$5.50 In Stock
A226-H14 CPR Cooling Hood , 6000 series CAD$3.95 Backorder
A226-H15 Horn, CN/CP SD40-2 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H16 Horn ONR/ACR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H17 F unit winter hatch CPR/CNR CAD$4.95 Backorder
A226-H18 Switcher top grill CAD$6.19 Backorder
A226-H19 Sand hatches CNR CAD$6.19 Backorder
A226-H21 Horn CNR FPA4 3 chime CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-H25 Diesel Horn CAD$2.95 Backorder
A226-H26 Horn, Alco switcher CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-H30 Horn, 3 chime (USA type) CAD$2.35 Backorder
A226-H31 Sand hatches RS18 CAD$4.19 In Stock
A226-H32 Winter Hatch FA2 CAD$7.39 Backorder
A226-H33 Winter hatch VIA Rail CAD$4.65 Backorder
A226-H34 Horn VIA F40PH & CP Budd cars CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-H35 Horn-3 chimes forward C630 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H36 VIA 5 Chime horn CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-H37 Horn BCRail CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-H38 Horn BCRail CAD$2.75 Backorder
A226-K01 Bell & Horn Diesel,CNR CAD$4.19 Backorder
A226-K02 Bell & Horn,CN/RP Wide Vision Cab. CAD$4.19 Backorder
A226-K03 Trainmaster Detail kit CAD$8.45 Backorder
A226-K04 SW1200 Kit CPR CAD$33.40 Backorder
A226-K05 SW1200 Kit CNR CAD$33.40 Backorder
A226-K06 Control panel Diesel CAD$6.19 Backorder
A226-L01 Lights (ditch) & lift rings CPRSD40 CAD$4.15 Backorder
A226-L02 Ditch lights CPR GP9 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-L03 Ditch lights CPR CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-L04 Headlights CPR Baldwin CAD$2.95 Backorder
A226-L05 Lights marker CN/CP RS2 CAD$4.59 Backorder
A226-L06 Lights rear CN/CP SD40-2 /2 CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-L07 Lights double front CP/CNR CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-L08 Lights CPR B-unit backup CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-L09 Ditch lights CN SD40-2 CAD$3.45 Backorder
A226-L10 Ditch lights CNR CAD$3.45 Backorder
A226-L11 Lights marker CN steam CAD$3.69 Backorder
A226-L12 Lights & number boards CPR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-L13 Lights rear MLW CAD$2.95 Backorder
A226-L14 Lights marker CPR CAD$3.50 Backorder
A226-L15 Lights (Double rear) CN & ACR CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-L16 Lights (rear marker) CN/ACR/CP CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-L17 Light Mars CPR CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-L18 Light F unit Backup ONR CAD$3.20 Backorder
A226-L19 Light (backup) Funit CNR CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-L20 Light (rear double) ONR CAD$3.10 Backorder
A226-L21 Ditch lights w/MU CNR CAD$3.75 Backorder
A226-L22 Steam headlight, Pyle CAD$4.49 Backorder
A226-L25 Light, BUDD cars CAD$2.45 Backorder
A226-L26 Modern Front Light CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-N01 Numberboard Diesel CPR CAD$3.45 Low Stock
A226-N02 Number boards CPR RS2 CAD$3.30 Backorder
A226-N03 Number boards Triangle CNR steam CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-N04 Number boards top mount CP FA1 CAD$3.69 In Stock
A226-N05 Number boards GP38 CAD$4.95 Backorder
A226-N06 Number boards FA2 CAD$3.69 Backorder
A226-N07 Number boards CN RS3/RS11 CAD$3.45 Backorder
A226-P01 Pilots (plow,MU) VIA CAD$29.95 Backorder
A226-P02 Snow plow diesel CNR CAD$4.25 In Stock
A226-P05 Pilot diesel CPR CAD$4.60 Backorder
A226-P08 Coupler pockets CN/CP SD/GP CAD$5.55 Backorder
A226-P09 GP9 Pilots CAD$11.69 Backorder
A226-P13 Snow Plow 6050 series CPR CAD$4.25 Backorder
A226-P14 End pilots CN,CP CAD$16.95 Backorder
A226-P17 Alco Coupler pockets CAD$4.95 Low Stock
A226-P21 End for ALCO C424 CAD$6.45 Backorder
A226-P25 Pilot, steam engine CNR CAD$19.95 Backorder
A226-R01 Rerail frog & Bracket CN/CP CAD$4.25 Backorder
A226-R02 CN/CP Rerail frog & bracket CAD$5.00 Backorder
A226-R03 Resistor grids CN/CP CAD$4.95 In Stock
A226-S01 Buda Wheels stops /pr CAD$5.00 Backorder
A226-S02 Wheel stops low style CAD$5.00 In Stock
A226-S03 Air intake shields CAD$4.65 Backorder
A226-S04 MU stand CPR SD40-2 CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-S05 CPR Caboose stack CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-S06 CNR Stack caboose CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-S08 MU stand CN SD40-2 CAD$2.25 Backorder
A226-S10 MU stand CPR CAD$2.00 Backorder
A226-S11 Air intake shields CAD$4.75 Backorder
A226-S12 MU stand CP GP9 CAD$3.00 Backorder
A226-S15 Caboose steps /4 CAD$7.45 Backorder
A226-S16 CNR Switch Stand CAD$6.19 Backorder
A226-S17 Steps Canadian SD/GP CAD$14.95 Backorder
A226-S18 Smoke Box Front 68ft dia CAD$5.50 Backorder
A226-S19 Steam Smoke stack CAD$3.69 Backorder
A226-T01 Fuel Tank Proto SW CAD$29.95 Backorder
A226-V01 Check Valve, Steam CAD$2.69 Backorder
A226-W01 Whistle Nathan Steam CAD$2.69 Backorder
A226-W02 Whistle steam CAD$2.69 Backorder
A226-W03 Water tank, diesel CAD$4.60 Backorder