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Micro-Engineering (255)
This list was last updated on: 11:31 AM January 23, 2021
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A255-10102 Non-weathered 3ft flex code100/6*sp - Pic1 CDN$53.95 B/O
A255-10104 Non-weathered 3ft flex code83 /6*sp - Pic1 CDN$49.95 In Stock
A255-10106 Non-weathered 3ft flex Code70 /6*sp - Pic1 CDN$49.95 B/O
A255-10118 HOn3 Code 40 flex /6 CDN$35.79 In Stock
A255-11101 Code83 Bridge flex track /3ft pc*sp - Pic1 CDN$15.95 B/O
A255-11103 Code70 Bridge Flex Track /3ft pc CDN$16.95 In Stock
A255-12104 Weathered 3ft flex code83 /6 *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.95 In Stock
A255-12106 Weathered 3ft flex code70 /6 *sp - Pic1 CDN$49.95 B/O
A255-12118 HOn3 Code 40 flex weathered /6 CDN$37.29 In Stock
A255-14705 Code83 #6 LH Turnout *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14706 Code83 #6 RH Turnout *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14710 Code83 #5a Standard Turnout LH *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14711 Code83 #5a Standard Turnout RH *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14712 Code83 #5b Curved Diverg TO LH *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14713 Code83 #5b Curved Diverg TO RH *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14714 Code83 #5c Lead Ladder TO LH *sp - Pic1 CDN$38.99 B/O
A255-14715 Code83 #5c Lead Ladder TO RH *sp - Pic1 CDN$38.99 B/O
A255-14716 Code83 #5d Interm Ladder TO LH *sp - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
A255-14717 Code83 #5d Interm Ladder TO RH *sp - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
A255-14718 Code83 #5e Last Ladder TO LH *sp - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
A255-14719 Code83 #5e Last Ladder TO RH *sp - Pic1 CDN$41.99 B/O
A255-14722 Code83 #6 Crossover LH USD$59.95 PRE
A255-14723 Code83 #6 Crossover RH USD$59.95 PRE
A255-14805 Code70 #6 LH Turnout *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-14806 Code70 #6 RH Turnout *sp - Pic1 CDN$34.99 B/O
A255-16055 Wea Rail Code55 NS CDN$2.25 In Stock
A255-16070 Wea Rail Code70 NS CDN$2.95 B/O
A255-16083 Wea Rail Code83 NS - Pic1 CDN$3.25 In Stock
A255-16100 Wea Rail Code100 NS CDN$3.15 In Stock
A255-17040 Non-Wea Rail Code40 NS *disc CDN$2.25 In Stock
A255-17055 Non-Wea Rail Code55 NS CDN$1.99 In Stock
A255-17070 Non-Wea Rail Code70 NS - Pic1 CDN$2.75 B/O
A255-17083 Non-Wea Rail Code83 NS - Pic1 CDN$2.95 B/O
A255-17100 Non-Wea Rail Code100 NS CDN$2.95 In Stock
A255-26001 Transition rail joiners 100-83 4pr CDN$5.95 B/O
A255-26002 Transition rail joiners 100-70 4pr CDN$5.95 In Stock
A255-26003 Transition rail joiners 83-70 4pr CDN$5.95 B/O
A255-26004 Transition rail joiners 83-55 4pr CDN$5.95 In Stock
A255-26005 Transition rail joiners 70-55 4pr CDN$5.95 In Stock
A255-26055 Code55 Rail joiners /50 CDN$11.95 In Stock
A255-26056 Insulated rail joiners C55 CDN$5.95 In Stock
A255-26070 Code70 Rail joiners /50 - Pic1 CDN$11.95 B/O
A255-26071 Insulated Rail joiners C70 /50 CDN$5.95 B/O
A255-26083 Code83 Rail joiners /50 - Pic1 CDN$11.95 In Stock
A255-26084 Insulated rail joiners C83 CDN$5.95 B/O
A255-26100 Code 100 Rail Joiners /48 CDN$8.95 Low Stock
A255-30102 Spikes 1/2inch (large)/500 CDN$14.95 In Stock
A255-30104 Spikes 3/8inch (medium)/800 *sp - Pic1 CDN$16.45 In Stock
A255-30106 Spikes 1/4inch (small)/1000 - Pic1 CDN$14.25 B/O
A255-30108 Spikes 3/16inch (micro)/1000 *sp CDN$14.95 B/O
A255-42101 Track Gauge C-100 - Pic1 CDN$7.95 Low Stock
A255-42102 Track Gauge C-83 CDN$7.95 B/O
A255-42103 Track Gauge C-70 CDN$7.95 Low Stock
A255-42104 Track Gauge C-55 CDN$7.55 B/O
A255-42105 Track Guage C-70 HOn3 CDN$7.55 B/O
A255-55004 Murphy Manufacturing - Pic1 CDN$23.95 B/O
A255-55006 Petroff Plumbing - Pic1 CDN$29.95 Low Stock
A255-75168 City Viaduct Tower CDN$12.95 In Stock
A255-75169 Tall steel Viaduct tower 3-Story - Pic1 CDN$19.95 B/O
A255-75501 Deck girder bridge 50ft open deck - Pic1 CDN$16.25 B/O
A255-75502 Deck girder bridge 30ft open deck - Pic1 CDN$15.55 Low Stock
A255-75505 Deck Girder Bridge 85ft Open Deck - Pic1 CDN$22.95 B/O
A255-75506 Deck Girder Bridge 85ft Ballasted CDN$25.55 B/O
A255-75507 Deck Girder Bridge 50ft Ballasted - Pic1 CDN$18.95 B/O
A255-75508 Deck Girder Bridge 30ft Ballasted CDN$16.95 B/O
A255-75509 City Viaduct - 90ft Single Track CDN$39.35 B/O
A255-75510 City Viaduct - 90ft Double Track CDN$62.45 In Stock
A255-75511 City Viaduct - 150ft Single track CDN$59.99 In Stock
A255-75512 City Viaduct - 150ft Double track - Pic1 CDN$97.95 Low Stock
A255-75513 Tall Steel Viaduct 150ft w/bents CDN$42.95 B/O
A255-75514 Tall Steel Viaduct 150ft - Pic1 CDN$71.95 Low Stock
A255-75515 Tall Steel Viaduct 210ft - Pic1 CDN$76.95 Low Stock
A255-75520 Thru girder bridge 50ft single trac - Pic1 CDN$23.95 B/O
A255-75521 Thru girder bridge 50ft dbl track - Pic1 CDN$34.95 Low Stock
A255-75522 Thru girder bridge 100ft single trk - Pic1 CDN$40.45 In Stock
A255-75523 Thru girder bridge 100ft dbl track - Pic1 CDN$63.75 In Stock
A255-75524 80ft Viaduct extension CDN$37.75 B/O
A255-75525 60ft Viaduct extension CDN$34.35 B/O
A255-75526 Tall Steel Viaduct 30ft Bridge conn CDN$27.95 B/O
A255-75530 100ft Three-Span Bridge - Pic1 CDN$54.85 B/O
A255-75532 160ft Four-Span Bridge - Pic1 CDN$66.35 B/O
A255-75546 Tower Height extension 2-Story - Pic1 CDN$38.35 B/O
A255-75550 Tall Steel Viaduct 210ft Low bridge - Pic1 CDN$88.95 B/O
A255-80034 Bridge shoes /8 *sp - Pic1 CDN$7.95 B/O
A255-80035 Bridge Shoes - Assorted /16 - Pic1 CDN$14.45 B/O
A255-80166 50ft Plate Girder /4 - Pic1 CDN$8.75 B/O
A255-80167 30ft Plate girder /4 CDN$8.55 B/O
A255-80174 Barrel Platform w/barrel - Pic1 CDN$6.15 In Stock
A255-80175 Bridge support 3-2/8x9-1/2in - Pic1 CDN$15.15 In Stock
A255-80180 85 ft Plate Girder /4 - Pic1 CDN$13.25 B/O
A255-80301 Non-Oper. Switchstand /2 - Pic1 CDN$3.95 In Stock