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JL Innovative (361)
This list was last updated on: 11:31 AM January 26, 2021
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
A361-161 Vic's Auto Alignment - Pic1 CDN$29.95 B/O
A361-211 Woody's - Pic1 CDN$62.99 B/O
A361-231 Trackside Jamboree 2-Buildings - Pic1 CDN$43.99 B/O
A361-237 Vintage Gas Station sign Sunoco - Pic1 CDN$4.50 B/O
A361-241 Avon Street Elevated Gate Tower - Pic1 CDN$33.45 B/O
A361-252 Train Operating Signal (non-oper) - Pic1 CDN$6.65 In Stock
A361-261 East Side Junction Section House - Pic1 CDN$33.45 B/O
A361-271 McDougall Telegraph Office - Pic1 CDN$31.99 B/O
A361-277 Sidewalk Lattice Billboards - Pic1 CDN$11.45 B/O
A361-291 Bagwell Junction Tower - Pic1 CDN$59.99 B/O
A361-305 Assorted Custom Fencing - Pic1 CDN$7.99 B/O
A361-311 McLeod Super Service - Pic1 CDN$53.99 B/O
A361-312 Barrels (green) /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-313 Oil Barrels (RED) /5 - Pic1 CDN$8.15 B/O
A361-315 Tire Display - Open - Pic1 CDN$3.35 Low Stock
A361-316 Custom Tire display /3 - Pic1 CDN$8.15 Low Stock
A361-321 Saw Pit Store - Pic1 CDN$53.99 B/O
A361-331 McSorley's Ole Ale House - Pic1 CDN$73.99 B/O
A361-335 Railcar Stops set /12 - Pic1 CDN$16.55 B/O
A361-341 Brownies Northside Service - Pic1 CDN$53.99 B/O
A361-342 Main Street Scene details /19 - Pic1 CDN$15.25 In Stock
A361-343 Tractor w/12-bottom disc harrow - Pic1 CDN$8.95 Low Stock
A361-344 Compressor Trailer & Barricades - Pic1 CDN$7.95 Low Stock
A361-348 Wheel Cradle sets - Pic1 CDN$17.45 In Stock
A361-351 Bertani's Billiards - Pic1 CDN$79.99 B/O
A361-353 Dock Pillar Cranes 5ft,7ft, 9ft - Pic1 CDN$14.95 In Stock
A361-361 Suds Bucket Biker Bar - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
A361-371 Wilbur Shaw's Speed Shop - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
A361-381 Kilborn Marine Sales - Pic1 CDN$73.99 B/O
A361-391 Brownhoist Industrial Pillar Crane - Pic1 CDN$39.99 B/O
A361-411 Schmiege's Little Dutch Store - Pic1 CDN$66.99 B/O
A361-412 Industrial Barrels Silver /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 Low Stock
A361-413 Industrial Barrels Yellow /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 Low Stock
A361-421 Picorelli's Ice Cream Parlor - Pic1 CDN$93.99 B/O
A361-431 Storm Lake Mobil Kit - Pic1 CDN$58.99 B/O
A361-432 2 Tier Auto Tire rack - Pic1 CDN$10.25 B/O
A361-433 Tool Boxes & Chest /3 - Pic1 CDN$9.95 B/O
A361-434 Auto Jacks /2 - Pic1 CDN$9.25 B/O
A361-435 Acetylene Tanks - Pic1 CDN$9.55 B/O
A361-436 Air Compressors /2 - Pic1 CDN$9.45 B/O
A361-437 Grease cart/Oil Drain /2 - Pic1 CDN$10.95 In Stock
A361-441 Jones Painting - Pic1 CDN$35.99 B/O
A361-442 Custom Tire Stacks /2 - Pic1 CDN$8.75 In Stock
A361-443 Service Set Wipers/Batteries - Pic1 CDN$9.99 B/O
A361-444 Tire Changer/Air Dispenser - Pic1 CDN$11.25 B/O
A361-445 Tire Balancer/Junk Pile - Pic1 CDN$10.25 B/O
A361-446 Custom tire tub/press /2 - Pic1 CDN$9.55 Low Stock
A361-448 Custom Rotten boat painted - Pic1 CDN$11.55 B/O
A361-449 Rotted Boats unptd /2 - Pic1 CDN$11.55 Low Stock
A361-451 East Junction Yard Office - Pic1 CDN$31.99 B/O
A361-452 Lawnmower Set /2 - Pic1 CDN$8.25 Low Stock
A361-454 Vintage SnowMobile - Pic1 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-455 Fishing boat w/motor & trailer - Pic1 CDN$13.55 B/O
A361-456 Deluxe boat w/accessories - Pic1 CDN$21.99 B/O
A361-458 Vintage Pontoon boat Trailer & acc - Pic1 CDN$23.99 B/O
A361-459 Golf Carts & Bags /6 - Pic1 CDN$18.55 Low Stock
A361-462 Texaco Gas Station Curb Sign - Pic1 CDN$7.35 B/O
A361-463 Mobil Gas Station Curb Sign - Pic1 CDN$7.45 Low Stock
A361-472 Quaker State Gas Station curb sign - Pic1 CDN$7.45 Low Stock
A361-473 Pennzoil Gas Station curb sign - Pic1 CDN$7.45 Low Stock
A361-474 Kendall Gas Station curb sign - Pic1 CDN$7.45 Low Stock
A361-475 Sunoco Gas Station curb sign - Pic1 CDN$7.45 Low Stock
A361-481 O'Lary's Garage - Pic1 CDN$79.99 B/O
A361-492 Rowboats/oars - Pic1 CDN$16.99 B/O
A361-495 Ground Box Detail set - Pic1 CDN$19.99 Low Stock
A361-496 Stovepipes/chimneys /12 - Pic1 CDN$14.99 B/O
A361-497 Gas station Detail set /18 - Pic1 CDN$25.75 Low Stock
A361-498 Gas Station Interior detail set /16 - Pic1 CDN$29.75 B/O
A361-500 Stacks of Junk Piles /11 - Pic1 - Pic2 CDN$26.99 Low Stock
A361-509 Ind/Commercial Detail set - Pic1 CDN$18.99 Low Stock
A361-510 Deluxe Gas Station interior details - Pic1 CDN$22.95 B/O
A361-512 55 Gallon drums Seed&Feed Blue/Yell - Pic1 CDN$7.25 Low Stock
A361-513 55 Gallon drums Feed&Seed Black - Pic1 CDN$7.25 Low Stock
A361-514 Gas pumps Texaco /2 - Pic1 CDN$11.25 B/O
A361-515 Gas pumps Mobil /2 CDN$10.99 B/O
A361-516 Gas pumps Sinclair /2 - Pic1 CDN$10.99 B/O
A361-518 Gas pumps Shell /2 CDN$10.99 B/O
A361-531 Klein's Pharmacy - Pic1 CDN$36.95 B/O
A361-535 Tires on posts/Warning signs /3 - Pic1 CDN$10.99 B/O
A361-554 Step Ladders 8ft - Pic1 CDN$4.65 Low Stock
A361-555 Lean to ladders 10ft /4 - Pic1 CDN$4.65 In Stock
A361-558 Oil Barrel Sunoco /5 - Pic1 CDN$8.15 B/O
A361-559 Oil Barrel DX red/cream /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-562 Oil Barrel Texaco /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-563 Oil Barrel Mobil /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-564 Oil Barrel Shell /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-566 Oil Barrel Sinclair /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-567 Oil Barrel Phillips 66 /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-568 Oil Barrel Gimore /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-569 Oil Barrel Conoco /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-574 Oil Barrel Esso /5 - Pic1 CDN$8.15 B/O
A361-575 Oil Barrel Standard Oil /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-576 Oil Barrel Skelly /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-577 Oil Barrel Cities Service /5 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-578 Oil Barrels Pennzoil /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-579 Oil Barrels Quaker State /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-587 Deluxe Gas pumps Esso /2 - Pic1 CDN$10.99 B/O
A361-591 Marble Rock Garage - Pic1 CDN$53.99 B/O
A361-651 George Helm CONX Station - Pic1 CDN$43.95 B/O
A361-671 East Side Fuel Depot - Pic1 CDN$47.95 B/O
A361-708 Custom Wood Barrels /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-716 Custom crates White w/weathering /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.85 In Stock
A361-717 Custom crates Mixed colors /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-718 Custom garbage cans Rusted /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.99 B/O
A361-719 Custom wood kegs w/Beer label /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 In Stock
A361-722 Oil Barrel REA /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-723 Custom Crates REA /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-724 Small propane tank silver - Pic1 CDN$8.15 Low Stock
A361-725 Small Propane tank White - Pic1 CDN$8.15 B/O
A361-727 Large propane tank silver - Pic1 CDN$9.55 B/O
A361-728 Large propane tank White - Pic1 CDN$9.55 B/O
A361-730 Small Propane tank Mustard Yellow - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-731 Large Propane tank Mustard Yellow - Pic1 CDN$8.75 B/O
A361-732 Upright Soda machine w/case - Pic1 CDN$10.15 Low Stock
A361-733 Chest Type Soda machine w/case 7-up - Pic1 CDN$10.15 Low Stock
A361-734 Chest Type Soda Machine w/case Peps CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-735 Chest Type Soda machine w/case RC C CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-737 Chest Type Soda machine Dr Pepper - Pic1 CDN$10.15 Low Stock
A361-742 Upright Soda machine w/case Dr Pepp - Pic1 CDN$10.15 Low Stock
A361-743 Upright Soda machine w/case OrCrush - Pic1 CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-744 Upright Soda machine w/case Pepsi - Pic1 CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-745 Upright Soda machine w/case RC Cola - Pic1 CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-746 Upright Soda machine w/case Red Roc - Pic1 CDN$10.15 In Stock
A361-747 Upright Soda machine w/case 7-Up - Pic1 CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-748 Soda machine Canada Dry - Pic1 CDN$11.55 B/O
A361-749 Soda machine Dad's Rootbeer - Pic1 CDN$10.15 In Stock
A361-750 Soda machine Moxi - Pic1 CDN$10.15 In Stock
A361-772 Bulk Fuel - 1000gal tank - Pic1 CDN$10.95 Low Stock
A361-773 Bulk Fuel - 1500gal tank - Pic1 CDN$10.95 Low Stock
A361-774 Bulk Fuel - 2000gal tank - Pic1 CDN$10.95 B/O
A361-823 Crates auto parts brown /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 In Stock
A361-824 Auto Parts Crates, Gray /4 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-825 Auto parts crates, green /4 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-826 Oil racks mixed brands /3 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 B/O
A361-827 Soda cases mixed brands /3 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 B/O
A361-832 Section Sign Set post style /4 - Pic1 CDN$8.75 Low Stock
A361-833 Modern Whistle post signs /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.25 B/O
A361-834 Switching Limit sign set /4 - Pic1 CDN$6.55 Low Stock
A361-835 Section Sign set - Pole style /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 In Stock
A361-837 Junction One Mile sign /2 - Pic1 CDN$6.55 B/O
A361-838 Begin/End CTC Sign /2 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-839 Stop Railway Crossing 400ft /2 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-840 Stop/End Single track /2 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 Low Stock
A361-841 Slow Speed 10, 20 & 30MPH /3 - Pic1 CDN$6.55 Low Stock
A361-842 High Speed signs 40, 55 & 70MPH /3 - Pic1 CDN$6.55 Low Stock
A361-843 Angled Speed signs low set /3 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 Low Stock
A361-844 Angled Speed signs high set /3 - Pic1 CDN$6.75 In Stock
A361-845 Railroad crossbucks /2 - Pic1 CDN$10.55 B/O
A361-846 Railroad crossbucks 2-tone /2 - Pic1 CDN$11.95 Low Stock
A361-848 Yard Limit Sign set /2 - Pic1 CDN$7.75 B/O
A361-853 RR Xing Warning Sign /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.99 B/O
A361-854 Private RR Xing sign /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.99 In Stock
A361-855 Look For Train sign /4 - Pic1 CDN$7.55 In Stock
A361-857 Tiger Stripe Crossbuck /2 - Pic1 CDN$10.15 B/O
A361-858 Tiger Stripe xbuck with stop /2 - Pic1 CDN$12.95 B/O
A361-897 1950's Highway cones /5 - Pic1 CDN$5.25 In Stock
A361-898 Highway Cones - Ptd /5 - Pic1 CDN$4.85 B/O
A361-899 Highway Cones painted /10 - Pic1 CDN$9.25 In Stock
A361-900 Vintage Pelican style Street Sweepe - Pic1 CDN$29.99 Low Stock
A361-912 Custom Barrel Paint & Chemical /5 - Pic1 CDN$7.45 B/O
A361-914 Oil Highboys Texaco /2 - Pic1 CDN$6.49 B/O
A361-915 Oil Highboys Mobil /2 - Pic1 CDN$5.99 B/O
A361-918 Oil Highboys Shell /2 CDN$5.99 B/O
A361-923 Wood-deck Tandem 2axle trailer /2 - Pic1 CDN$11.99 B/O
A361-950 Detail Set ESSO Gas station - Pic1 CDN$42.99 B/O
A361-954 Detail set Shell gas - Pic1 CDN$30.79 B/O
A361-956 Detail set ESSO gas - Pic1 CDN$36.99 B/O
A361-973 Detail set Marine - Pic1 CDN$21.99 B/O
A361-974 REA Ultimate Detail set - Pic1 CDN$19.99 B/O