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Gold Medal Models (239)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-01-10 11:34:51 AM
N Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
B239-160-1 Chain link fence w/gates Img1 Img2 CAD$26.99 Backorder
B239-160-15 Roofwalks for Atlas 40ft boxcar CAD$11.55 Backorder
B239-160-19 Venetian Blinds Img1 Img2 CAD$13.65 Backorder
B239-160-2 Chain Link Fencing no gates Img1 Img2 CAD$31.99 Backorder
B239-160-20 Storefront security gates CAD$12.95 Low Stock
B239-160-21 Rooftop TV antennas CAD$13.65 Backorder
B239-160-25 Freight car & industrial ladders Img1 Img2 CAD$13.55 Backorder
B239-160-26 Kato Smoothside pass car details CAD$10.25 Backorder
B239-160-27 Roofwalk w/end frames Cyl hopper CAD$20.55 Backorder
B239-160-28 Bicycles and Racks CAD$10.95 Backorder
B239-160-29 Spike tipped Wrought iron fence Img1 Img2 CAD$24.55 Backorder
B239-160-3 Standard fire escape Img1 Img2 CAD$22.45 Backorder
B239-160-32 Diesel loco stanchions CAD$10.95 Backorder
B239-160-34 Industrial Railings Img1 Img2 CAD$26.25 Backorder
B239-160-35 Industrial Stairways CAD$24.55 Backorder
B239-160-36 Low clearance Tell-tales /8 CAD$17.95 Low Stock
B239-160-37 Shopping carts /8 Img1 Img2 CAD$10.25 Backorder
B239-160-38 Industrial safety cage ladders CAD$24.55 Backorder
B239-160-39 Highway guardrails & reflectors Img1 Img2 CAD$26.99 Backorder
B239-160-42 Steam Locomotive detailing set CAD$22.95 Backorder
B239-160-43 Telephone booths /2 Img1 Img2 CAD$12.25 Backorder
B239-160-44 Detailing set Hvywt pass car Img1 Img2 CAD$22.95 Backorder
B239-160-47 Modern boxcar details CAD$13.95 Low Stock
B239-160-56 Grab Irons 165 of 5 styles CAD$11.95 Backorder
B239-160-57 Assorted chairs 4 of 4 styles CAD$11.55 Low Stock
B239-160-58 X-Bracing for steel girders Img1 Img2 CAD$24.65 Backorder
B239-160-59 Industrial Walkways Img1 Img2 CAD$26.95 Backorder
B239-160-60 Roadkill Img1 Img2 CAD$11.55 In Stock
B239-160-61 All weather diesel cab windows Img1 Img2 CAD$17.95 Backorder
B239-160-62 Diamond pattern non-skid pltng Img1 Img2 CAD$20.55 Backorder
B239-160-66 Kato Diesel Loco Handgrabs Img1 Img2 CAD$15.55 Backorder
B239-160-7 Diesel Locomotive Detailing set Img1 Img2 CAD$10.25 Backorder