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N Scale


Rapido Trains

Full 10-Car Sets

The Canadian comprises seven different Budd passenger car styles, and our set includes
extra coaches and sleepers to create a longer train. The prototype could include as many
as 30 cars, but is regularly between 18 and 22 cars long.
Set Includes: Baggage-Dormitory, Coach (set includes two),
Skyline - Dome-Coach or Dome-Coffee Shop, Diner,
Chateau Sleeper - 4 sections, 8 duplex roomettes, 3 bedrooms, 1 drawing room (set includes two)
Manor Sleeper - 4 sections, 4 roomettes, 5 bedrooms, 1 compartment (set includes two)
Park Car - Dome-Sleeper-Lounge-Observation

Canadian Pacific Maroon Set #1

Canadian Pacific Maroon Set #2

CP Rail Set #1

CP Rail Set #2

VIA Original Set

VIA HEP/Canada Set

MSRP $699.95 /set

Built To Order Only
In Transit!

3-Car Add-on Sets

Cars are unnumbered, Coaches have number plates installed
Sleepers have name plates of different lengths in the box as well as decals with a selection of names.

Canadian Pacific Maroon Coach/Manor/Chateau

CP Rail Coach/Manor/Chateau

VIA Rail Coach/Manor/Chateau

VIA Rail HEP Coach/Manor/Chateau

MSRP $219.95 /3-car Set

Built To Order Only
In Transit!

Prestige 3-Car Add-on

Features the all-new interior arrangement of the real cars, along with the rebuilt car
side to incorporate enormous new picture windows in each bedroom.

VIA Rail Set #1
Chateau Jolliet, Chateau Lauzon, Glacier Park

VIA Rail Set #2
Chateau Cadillac, Chateau Dollard, Prince Albert Park

MSRP $219.95 /3-car Set

Built To Order Only
In Transit!

Single Skyline Coach

Features two different interior arrangements:
Dome-Coach (1955-1983) has coach seats on the lower level of the
long end and operates long-end forward.
Dome-Coffee Shop (1983-present) has a coffee shop on the lower level
and operates short-end (lounge) forward.

Canadian Pacific, CP Rail, VIA, VIA/HEP

MSRP $74.95
Built To Order Only
In Transit!

You Need a Loco to Pull The Canadian!


N Scale from Rapido
Multiple Road Numbers & Schemes

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