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DCC And Electronics

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October 7, 2020

Evolution Express Advanced Sets

New Evolution Express Advanced Set w/DT602 Throttle

This set comes with everything new users need to get started with
an Advanced System. They system comes in both Standard Tethered
and Duplex Radio. The main system components are the DCS210+ Advanced
Command Station, DT602 series Advanced Super Throttle, either a UP5 or UR93,
and a PS615 power supply.
With all these components you’ll be ready to run right out of the box!

October 7, 2020

Premium Digital Sound Decoders

The TSU-PNP8 is a universal factory board replacement sound decoder suitable for use in many manufacturer’s diesel models such as those made by Atlas, Athearn, Bowser, Kato and InterMountain Models. It is suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale.TheTSU2-PNP8 includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper (678-810140) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches. There are two additional function outputs added to the existing TSU2-PNP design using the same lighting circuit and processor pins added for FX7 and FX8. Lighting outputs are compatible with 12-14V bulbs, 1.5V bulbs or LEDs with external resistors.

The TSU-PNP8 is part of the Tsunami2 line of Digital Sound Decoders and includes the same features:

  • More than 2 million sound combinations
  • Selectable sound effects including: prime movers (up to 12), bells (12), airhorns (40+) and more!
  • Reactive Dynamic Digital Exhaust
  • More powerful amplifier for increased volume range
  • Hyperdrive2 motor control
  • Functioning locomotive and train brakes with adjustable braking rates
  • 20+ Hyperlight lighting effects
  • 4 function outputs
  • Standard, 3-point and user-loadable speed curves
  • Flex-Map function mapping easily maps any function to any key
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards & RPs

Diesel Features:

  • Each diesel version (EMD, GE, etc.) contains up to 9 manufacturer specific prime movers (Turbo, Non-turbo, etc.)
  • First ever Diesel Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) for a more authentic operating experience
  • Startup, shutdown and exhaust through 8 notches
  • Automatic or manual notching
  • Functioning dynamic brake with variable load sound and adjustable braking rate
  • Over 40 air horns
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • First ever Fireman Ed is ready to work on the locomotive, with general service, cab sounds and more!
  • Clickety-clack, fueling, and authentic cab chatter add realism
  • Prototypically correct HEP modes and steam heat for authentic passenger train operations

August 21, 2020

Advanced Family of Throttles

DT602 Standard and DT602D Radio Duplex

Now direct control of 2 locos at a time. Create consists,
set up routes, control up to 29 functions including sound and so much more.

June 9, 2019

ESU LokSound 5 DCC

Brand New LokSound 5 has been completely redeveloped
32-bit processor, new features include:
10 sound channels
HiFi quality 16-bit resolution
Up to 33 function keys possible
New load control - No Hum!
14 Function outputs, 9 on LokSound Micro
New brake & load simulation functions
Compatible with LokSound V4 and Select

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