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Milepost 24
CPR Galt Subdivision

History of The Credit Valley Railway

The Credit Valley Railway was chartered in 1871 in order to build a railway line from Toronto to St. Thomas, Ontario. A branch from Streetsville to Orangeville, and a branch from that branch, from Cataract to Elora. Construction started immediately, with two lines, one heading west out of Toronto and the other north out of Streetsville Junction. By 1879 the lines had reached as far west as Milton and as far north as Forks of The Credit. The line was completed in 1881, through St. Thomas in the west, north to Orangeville, and from Cataract to Elora. By 1883, the railway was absorbed into the Ontario & Quebec Railway and thereafter into the Canadian Pacific.

Today, the Canadian Pacific mainline west out of Toronto follows this same right-of-way through Streetville and St. Thomas. The present day Credit Valley Railway location is near milepost 24 of this historic line.

For further history of the Credit Valley Railway, read 'The Third Giant' by James Filby. Published by Boston Mills press 1974.

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