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Jacksonville Terminal Co (363)
This list was last updated on: 10:31 AM January 18, 2021
CVR Code Description (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Status
B363-205205 20ft tank cont R.M.I. *sp CDN$47.99 In Stock
B363-205207 20ft tank cont STOLT *sp CDN$47.99 B/O
B363-205240 20ft tank cont GESEACO *sp CDN$47.99 Low Stock
B363-205244 20ft tank cont DANA *sp CDN$47.99 In Stock
B363-205246 20ft tank cont SITRA *sp CDN$47.99 In Stock
B363-205247 20ft tank cont Eurotainer *sp CDN$47.99 In Stock
B363-205345 20ft cont ONE 2pk *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-402001 40ft Canvastop cont Hapag *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-402401 40ft Canvastop RS cont Maersk *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-402402 40ft Canvastop RS cont Hapag *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-402403 40ft Canvastop RS cont CanMaritm*sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-402551 Flatrack container assort #1 *sp - Pic1 CDN$155.99 In Stock
B363-402552 Flatrack container assort #2 *sp - Pic1 CDN$155.99 In Stock
B363-405004 40ft HC cont Mediterranean/2 *sp CDN$39.95 Low Stock
B363-405005 40ft HC container CP Ships /2 *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-405018 40ft HC cont ACL /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405019 40ft HC cont SM Line /2 *sp CDN$39.95 Low Stock
B363-405021 40ft HC cont Gateway /2 *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-405023 40ft HC cont OOCL Phanton /2 *sp CDN$39.99 B/O
B363-405027 40ft HC cont Trans Ocean /2 *sp CDN$39.99 B/O
B363-405033 40ft HC cont MAERSK /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405037 40ft HC cont Dong Fang /2 *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-405039 40ft HC cont Yang Ming /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405040 40ft HC cont GE Seaco /2 *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-405041 40ft HC cont ZIM /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405042 40ft HC cont NASA Nebula /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405043 40ft HC cont SEA Star /2 *sp CDN$39.95 In Stock
B363-405044 40ft HC cont SEALAND Late /2 *sp CDN$39.95 Low Stock
B363-405045 40ft HC cont One Ocean Express/2*sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405066 40ft HC cont CMA CGM New Logo /2*sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405081 40ft HC cont ONE /2 *sp CDN$39.95 B/O
B363-405082 40ft HC cont ONE Grey /2 *sp CDN$41.99 In Stock
B363-535002 53ft Cont CN Intermodal /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535003 53ft cont Hub Group /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535004 53ft cont STAX /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535009 53ft cont CSX Reverse Logo /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535011 53ft cont Pacer /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535012 53ft cont CSX Intermodal /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535017 53ft cont CSX exSTAX patch /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535020 53ft cont PACER new image /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535040 53ft cont EMP/ex Pacer patch /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535041 53ft cont EMP/ex Hub patch /2 *sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535050 53ft cont Canadian Tire /2 *sp - Pic1 CDN$46.99 B/O
B363-535066 53ft cont COFC Logistics patch/2*sp CDN$46.99 In Stock
B363-535070 53ft cont CN Multimodal Logo53/2*sp - Pic1 CDN$46.99 B/O
B363-772001 NSC 53' Well car DDTX #680850 *sp - Pic1 CDN$62.99 B/O
B363-772002 NSC 53' Well car DDTX #680510 *sp CDN$62.99 B/O
B363-772003 NSC 53' Well car DDTX #680725 *sp CDN$62.99 B/O
B363-772004 NSC 53' Well car DDTX #680383 *sp CDN$62.99 B/O
B363-772005 NSC 53' Well car DDTX #680538 *sp CDN$62.99 B/O
B363-772013 NSC 53' Well car TTX#655117 3stS*sp USD$44.95 PRE
B363-772017 NSC 53' Wellcar TTX2pk 8stY/3stY*sp USD$88.95 PRE
B363-772020 NSC 53' Well car TTX#656573 3stY*sp USD$44.95 PRE
B363-772022 NSC 53' Well car CP #527578 *sp USD$44.95 PRE
B363-772026 NSC 53' Well car TTX#659408 8stY*sp USD$44.95 PRE