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Tru-Color Paint (102)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-04-16 12:01:55 PM
UNK Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
J102-05-2 Tru-Color White 2oz *HAZ Img1 Img2 CAD$17.99 In Stock
J102-10-2 Tru-Color Black 2oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$17.99 Low Stock
J102-10501 Paint Set Infrastructure /6 *HAZ Img1 CAD$39.99 $59.99 33% off! In Stock
J102-10550 Paint Set Bridge/Building /6 *HAZ CAD$39.99 $59.99 33% off! Low Stock
J102-11001 Paint Set NorthEast RR /6 *HAZ CAD$39.99 $59.99 33% off! Low Stock
J102-15-2 Tru-Color Thinner 2oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$17.99 Backorder
J102-256-2 Tru-Color Light Primer 2oz *HAZ CAD$17.99 In Stock
J102-4004 Matte Rail Brown Spray 4.5oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$18.55 In Stock
J102-4005 Matte RR Tie Brown Spray 4.5oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$18.55 In Stock
J102-4006 Matte Concrete Spray 4.5oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$18.55 Low Stock
J102-4007 Matte DarkRed Brick Spray4.5oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$18.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-05 Tru-Color White 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 In Stock
J102-TCP-06 Tru-Color Concrete 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Low Stock
J102-TCP-07 Tru-Color Primer 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-08 Tru-Color Graphite 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 In Stock
J102-TCP-09 Tru-Color Grimy Black 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 In Stock
J102-TCP-10 Tru-Color Black 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-11 Tru-Color Boxcar Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-112 Tru-Color CPRail ActionYell 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.99 Low Stock
J102-TCP-113 Tru-Color CP Tuscan 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-122 Tru-Color MP Eagle Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-124 Tru-Color BC Rail LightGreen1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-125 Tru-Color BC Rail DarkGreen 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-126 Tru-Color BC Rail Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-127 Tru-Color BC Rail Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-13 Tru-Color Aluminum 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-133 Tru-Color Reading Green 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-136 Tru-Color CNR LetteringGray 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-14 Tru-Color Satin 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-15 Tru-Color Thinner 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 In Stock
J102-TCP-158 Tru-Color CP Grey 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-159 Tru-Color L&N Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-168 Tru-Color Iron Oxide 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-17 Tru-Color Flat 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-171 Tru-Color Weathered Black 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-172 Tru-Color WeatheredConcrete 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-173 Tru-Color Weathered Iron 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-174 Tru-Color Grime 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-175 Tru-Color Sulfur 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-176 Tru-Color Dust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-18 Tru-Color Gloss 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-196 Tru-Color CNR 1945-60FrgtRed1oz*HAZ CAD$10.55 Backorder
J102-TCP-22 Tru-Color Santa Fe Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-23 Tru-Color CP Rail ActionGrN 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-24 Tru-Color CP Rail ActionRed 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-260 Tru-Color Rock IslandMaroon 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-262 Tru-Color Rock Island Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-32 Tru-Color CNR Orange 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Backorder
J102-TCP-33 Tru-Color CNR Yellow 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-332 Tru-Color CSX Hop Cream 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-34 Tru-Color CNR Green 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-340 Tru-Color TH&B Cream 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Low Stock
J102-TCP-35 Tru-Color CNR Red/Orange 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-354 Tru-Color Galvanized Steel 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-379 Tru-Color TTX Yellow 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-381 Tru-Color ONR Dark Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-382 Tru-Color ONR Dark Green 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-383 Tru-Color ONR Light Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-384 Tru-Color ONR Yellow 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-385 Tru-Color CP Modern Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-386 Tru-Color TH&B Maroon 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-387 Tru-Color GOTransit DKGreen 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 Backorder
J102-TCP-388 Tru-Color GOTransit LGTGreen1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-389 Tru-Color EJ&E Orange 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-390 Tru-Color CP Mod Freight BrN1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-400 Tru-Color Rail Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-401 Tru-Color Dirt 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-402 Tru-Color Foundation 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-403 Tru-Color Mud #1 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-404 Tru-Color Light Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-405 Tru-Color Orange Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-406 Tru-Color Dark Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-407 Tru-Color Brown Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-408 Tru-Color Aged Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-409 Tru-Color RR Tie Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-410 Tru-Color Roof Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-425 Tru-Color Mud #2 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-432 Tru-Color Concrete 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-49 Tru-Color BN EmpireBuildGrN 1oz*HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-50 Tru-Color GN EmpireBuild OrN1oz*HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-52 Tru-Color Caboose Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-53 Tru-Color Tuscan Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-55 Tru-Color SOO Line Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-66 Tru-Color SP Scarlet Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-69 Tru-Color Reefer Yellow 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-70 Tru-color Reefer Orange 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-72 Tru-color C&O/B&O Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-75 Tru-Color PRR BrunswickGrN 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-76 Tru-Color Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-77 Tru-Color Silver 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-800 Tru-Color Flat White 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-801 Tru-Color Flat Concrete 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-804 Tru-Color Flat Grimy Black 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-805 Tru-Color Flat Black 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-806 Tru-Color Flat Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-812 Tru-Color Flat Rust 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-814 Tru-Color Flat Orange 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-815 Tru-Color Flat Oxide Brown 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-821 Tru-Color Flat Brick Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$10.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-85 Tru-Color Gold 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-88 Tru-Color Engine Maroon 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-90 Tru-Color Vermont Red 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.55 In Stock
J102-TCP-93 Tru-Color Oxide Brown 1oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$9.55 Low Stock
J102-TCP-94 Tru-Color VIA Rail Gray 1oz *HAZ Img1 CAD$9.99 In Stock
J102-TCP-95 Tru-Color VIA Rail Blue 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 Backorder
J102-TCP-96 Tru-Color VIA Rail Yellow 1oz *HAZ CAD$9.99 In Stock