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Xuron (791)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-06-28 3:50:39 PM
UNK Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
J791-2175BS Track Cutter (90028) Img1 CAD$33.99 In Stock
J791-2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter (90317) Img1 CAD$42.99 In Stock
J791-2175M Vertical Track Cutter (90137) Img1 CAD$34.99 On Order
J791-2175SH Maxi-Shear Short Handle (90311) Img1 CAD$27.99 Low Stock
J791-2193 Hard Wire & Cable Cutter (90033) Img1 CAD$38.99 Backorder
J791-2275 Maxi-Shear Cable tie Cutter (90312) Img1 CAD$27.99 In Stock
J791-410A Ultra Close Sprue Cutter (90036) Img1 CAD$26.99 In Stock
J791-410T High precision shear (90039) Img1 CAD$26.99 Low Stock
J791-420T Angled head Sprue cutter (90043) Img1 CAD$38.99 In Stock
J791-440 Photo etch Shear (90046) Img1 CAD$34.99 Low Stock
J791-450 Tweezer-nose plier smooth (90065) Img1 CAD$36.55 In Stock
J791-450S Tweezer-nose plier W/serrated(90066 Img1 CAD$36.99 In Stock
J791-575 Micro bending plier (90125) Img1 CAD$32.99 Backorder
J791-860 2oz Bottle w/3 Dispensing Needles CAD$10.99 In Stock
J791-90333 Pro Photo Etch Scissor For Brass Img1 Img2 CAD$46.99 Backorder
J791-90473 452 Holding pliers USD$29.95 Advanced Reservation
J791-9180 High Durability Scissors (90128) CAD$45.99 Low Stock