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Misc. USA Vendors (213)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-06-03 9:53:51 AM
UNK Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
K213-125169 Canadian Car & Foundry Vol1 Pass USD$50.00 Advanced Reservation
K213-176492 8 Realistic Track Plans Switching CAD$26.99 In Stock
K213-325400 Model Railroading as Art CAD$41.99 Low Stock
K213-33872-7 Indiana Press - PRR at Bay CAD$29.99 $49.95 40% off! Low Stock
K213-34634-7 Indiana Press - Still Standing CAD$29.99 $54.95 45% off! Low Stock
K213-3533-2 North American Locomotives HC CAD$32.99 Low Stock
K213-505646 How To Design Small Switching Layou CAD$29.99 In Stock
K213-588-2-9 Garbely - To NE & Canada D&H Vol1 CAD$56.99 Low Stock
K213-588-9-8 Garbely - Pine Trees & Minutemen CAD$58.99 Backorder
K213-612994 8 Realistic Track Plans Spare Room CAD$26.99 In Stock
K213-8-802-3 The World The Trains Made Can&USA CAD$65.00 In Stock
K213-811344 How To Build Switching Layout CAD$34.99 In Stock
K213-956994 How To Operate Modern Switching CAD$34.99 In Stock
K213-963-0-2 Steel Road Nostalgia Vol1 NEast CAD$53.99 In Stock
K213-CCF1 Canadian Car & Foundry Vol1 Pass CAD$69.95 In Stock
K213-CCF2 Canadian Car & Foundry Vol2 Freight USD$50.00 Advanced Reservation
K213-CCF3 Canadian Car & Foundry Vol3 TrackCa USD$50.00 Advanced Reservation