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Tichy Train Group (293)
This list was last updated on (EST): 2024-01-30 12:53:39 PM
N Scale
CVR Code Description Tags Images (CDNCDN/USDUSD) Old Price Savings Status
B293-2501 Window dbl 6/6 60x96inch /12 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2502 Window dbl 6/6 44x66inch /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2503 Lamp reflectors /16 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2504 Door 5 panel /8 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2505 Door 4 lite 3 panel /8 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2506 Window round top /12 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2507 Window round top /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2508 Window 6/6 DH 34x60 /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2509 Window 2/2 DH 30x62 /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2510 Window 6-lite 40x27 /12 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2511 Loading Dock door /3 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2512 Window 4/4 Dble hung /12 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2513 4 Panel door 30x80inch /8 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2514 Door 6 panel framed /6 Img1 Img2 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2515 Baggage door w/transom /4 Img1 Img2 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2516 Window 4/4 Dble hung 56x64 /6 Img1 Img2 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2517 Window 4/4 Dble hung 64x80inch /6 Img1 Img2 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2518 Window 4pane work car /12 Img1 Img2 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2519 Window dbl casement /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2520 Window roundtop 24x72 /12 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2521 Window Dble Round 52x72 /6 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2522 Window & Door Assortment /80 CAD$23.95 Backorder
B293-2523 40pane Engine house window /9 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2524 2 lite Door w/sep frame /8 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2525 Splice plates 12in /54 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2526 Work car window assortment /18 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2527 Brick chimney /3 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2528 4/4 7 unit window /3 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2529 7 unit casemnet window /3 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2530 4 unit casement window /6 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2531 Window small 4 pane /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2532 Casement window 16 pane /12 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2533 Brick chimney/column CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2534 Garage door /4 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2535 Garage door large /4 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2536 Door double 2 lite /4 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2537 Single door steel /8 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2538 Double door steel /4 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2539 Louvered wall vents /14 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2540 Wind/doors/ & parts assorted CAD$49.55 Backorder
B293-2548 10in Stove Chimney Pipe Img1 CAD$5.65 Low Stock
B293-2600 Wood water tank kit Img1 Img2 CAD$26.95 Backorder
B293-26002 Wood water tank /2 Img1 Img2 CAD$39.95 Backorder
B293-2601 Wooden Signal tower kit Img1 Img2 CAD$16.25 Backorder
B293-26012 Wooden signal tower /2 Img1 Img2 CAD$24.95 Backorder
B293-2602 Coal bins /2 CAD$5.65 In Stock
B293-2603 Telltales /2 Img1 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2604 55 gallon drums w/lids /12 Img1 CAD$5.65 Backorder
B293-2605 55gallon drums w/lids /96 CAD$23.95 Backorder
B293-2606 Low speed limit signs /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 Low Stock
B293-2607 High speed limit signs /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 Low Stock
B293-2608 No parking signs /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2609 Misc Road signs I /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 Backorder
B293-2610 Misc Road signs II /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2611 Assorted Road signs /90 Img1 Img2 CAD$26.80 Low Stock
B293-2612 Stop sign Modern red /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2613 Stop sign Early yellow /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2614 Warning Hwy grade /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2615 Warning picture sign /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2616 Warning Road path I /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2617 Warning Road path II /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2618 Warning Written signs /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2619 Assorted Warning signs /90 Img1 Img2 CAD$26.80 In Stock
B293-2620 Early Xing Warning /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2621 Modern Xing Warning /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 Low Stock
B293-2622 Crossing Sign /18 Img1 Img2 CAD$6.99 Backorder
B293-2623 Sign Assortment /270 Img1 Img2 CAD$66.95 Backorder
B293-2684 Bridge Warning signs /18 Img1 CAD$6.99 In Stock
B293-2685 Warning Signs Firehouse/Low Veh /18 Img1 CAD$6.99 Low Stock
B293-2692 Asst Warning Signs Img1 CAD$6.99 Backorder
B293-2693 No Trespassing Signs Img1 CAD$6.99 Backorder
B293-2700 120 ton Brownhoist crane Img1 Img2 CAD$25.95 Backorder
B293-2701 Boom car kit Img1 Img2 CAD$12.95 Backorder
B293-2702 Repair car kit Img1 Img2 CAD$12.95 Backorder
B293-2703 Crew car kit Img1 Img2 CAD$12.95 Backorder
B293-2704 Work Train /4 Img1 Img2 CAD$48.99 Backorder
B293-2705 Rotary Snow Plow kit Img1 Img2 CAD$26.95 Backorder
B293-2706 Drop Bottom gondola kit Img1 CAD$13.95 Backorder
B293-2707 Sugar Beet gondola kit Img1 CAD$13.55 Low Stock
B293-2800 Brakewheels /16 Img1 Img2 CAD$4.95 In Stock